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Konami says Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel downloads top 20 million

Konami has announced this morning that total downloads of the free to play Yu-Gi-Oh card game, Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel, have now now topped over one million worldwide. To celebrate this achievement, the company has announced two things. The first is the inclusion of a brand new story mode which is named, The Fairies Who Paint the Weather, which has been described below. Secondly Konami has announced that they will be giving away 1,000 gems to all players who log-in to the game between now and the 25th April, 2022.

“The weather patterns they weave become Continuous Spell and Trap cards, which bless the Field and the Fairies themselves with amazing Effects. Uncover the secrets to wielding the powers of the ever-changing weather!”

Description of the new story mode.


6 thoughts on “Konami says Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel downloads top 20 million”

  1. Was surprised Yugioh Master Duel is F2p, im not a fan of the micro transactions or pay-2-win gameplay. Honestly i think Link Evolution is better. Haven’t played the actual TCG sence they introduced syncro cards. Link Evolution did a great job explaining syncro, Xyz and pendulum cards. I actually just deleted Master Duel, guess i’ll have to re download it for that sign-in bonus.

    1. It doesn’t have pay-2-win gameplay. There is no amount of money a bad player can pay to win their games. Its a card game where the microtransactions are for packs, not singles. A bad player will have no way of knowing which packs to even buy, and even if they did, its just means they’ll get a competitive deck faster than a casual purely free player. At which point sure, they’ll do better than someone only playing with the starter deck, but that will work for about 1 day before they’re paired against other players with competitive decks and no amount of money will help you.

  2. P2W gameplay, i mean get the advantage over other players by using real money not earning cards legit. I know it’s packs, not individual cards. The cards have low RNG like alot of games with gatcha systems. It’s packs, not just purchasing individual cards and yeah they’d have no way of knowing.
    P2W doesn’t necessarily mean just that, their paying to get the advantage over other players who earned content legit.

    1. I haven’t spent any money on the game and I’m platinum 1 rank with multiple competitive decks. I also have max gems plus a stacked gift box with more gems. If you don’t play the game you will not have the resources to play the game. If you want to gas me up you can say I’m just different but I have 3 accounts and all have hit max with no money spent on the game. Link Evolution is outdated, you can get good and play Master Duel or play “EDOPro” a sim with more up to date card pool and game modes.

    2. It’s not even a pay to win tho. You do realize that you can unlock whatever card pack you want by just crafting 1 copy of a card right? If you want the blue eyes deck, just dismantle some cards you never were gonna use and craft 1 copy of blue eyes ultimate or chaos max dragon. We get more than enough gems from the log in bonuses and missions, which you can then use to purchase the duel pass, and earn everything right back.

      This is the 7th generation of Yugioh an there’s over 10,000 cards now. You came into this game knowing full well that with the meta and powercreep you’d need the latest generation cards to stay competitive. Again, already knowing that, you should’ve saved your gems, dismantled a card from a meta deck, sniped whatever pack you want by crafting. Every other player in the game can get any card pack by crafting a card that belongs to it. The only ones who are at a disadvantage are the players who idiotically spend all their gems without knowing you can craft to snipe a card pack. All the cards are in the game, everyone is given gems to save up or spend wisely, and everyone has equal access to the cards, so no, there is no pay 2 win aspect.

  3. I’ve downloaded the game, but it requiring always-online is unfortunately just too much of a hurdle for me to really be playing it on the Switch. Not really a big deal, though. I think after having tried it, I actually find myself enjoying Rush Duels a lot more than the original TCG. They honestly feel like a full remake of Yu-Gi-Oh!, with most of the kinks worked out.

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