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Triangle Strategy has now sold 1 million copies 

Square Enix and the development team at Artdink have cause for celebration this evening as they have announced that the recently released Triangle Strategy has now shifted over one million units on Nintendo Switch. Triangle Strategy has sold 800,000 copies worldwide and 20,000 in Japan and Asia. To celebrate the announcement the Twitter account has published some lovely artwork of Anna Pascal. If you yet to play Triangle Strategy you can read our recently published review of the strategic JRPG.

1 thought on “Triangle Strategy has now sold 1 million copies ”

  1. The Nintendo Switch is video game 🎮 heaven. Nintendo has made a system, that garners sales for the very important AA sector of video games. This is god for developers of the second party nature. Plus large Corporations like Sega, EA, Square Enid etc. For the gamer it is SNES days in the 2020s.


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