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Toby Ascher says they’re planning a Sonic Cinematic Universe

The Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movies were just the beginning of the teams plan to create what they call a Sonic Cinematic Universe. It was looking as though the franchise was heading that way when the announcement came last month from Paramount Pictures that they’re planning a Knuckles live action spin-off series along with Sonic the Hedgehog 3 movie. This is what one of the producers behind the film said:

“We’re creating a Sonic Cinematic Universe, so we knew we needed to add characters like Tails and Knuckles; new to movies, but loved by gamers all over the world.”

 Toby Ascher


15 thoughts on “Toby Ascher says they’re planning a Sonic Cinematic Universe”

  1. Don’t they mean a franchise? Marvel cinematic universe makes sense because there are so many superheroes out there to the point where you could spend decades reading them all, but Sonic on the other hand you could spend a few months playing all of the games and be done with it. Unless if characters like Rouge or Espio are getting their own movies eventually (highly doubtful, but would be neat) Idk how this would be considered a universe type thing.

    1. I think that Sega’s Sonic in this day in time could follow a similar path as Marvel’s first Ironman movie did by being the turning point for Marvel. Sonic not only could bring the Sonic characters to the movie screen but, also bring all Sega Genesis classic iconic characters that helped play an important role in making the Sega Genesis shine.

  2. Yikes, definitely not a fan of it. Since SEGA has absolutely no plans to take inspiration from the comic lore, there isn’t really much material there to make a whole cinematic universe out of it. Marvel on the other hand, has 80+ years of comic lore that although the MCU doesn’t stay true to and ruins with unecessary stuff, it still acknowledges and draws inspiration from it. Again, they’re too focused on producing new projects rather than refining what they already got.

    At the very least, they could’ve done a cinematic universe around Sonic’s home planet, Mobius, not mixed with the human world. Unpopular opinion, but they should’ve stuck to his home planet, not mix it with earth like Sonic X, Sonic Unleashed, & these movies are doing.

    1. If they took an approach like they did in Sonic Heroes, then a cinematic universe could technically work. These movies are already focusing on Team Hero (Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles), with Eggman as the central villain. A seperate set of movies could focus on Team Dark (Shadow, Rouge, Omega) & GUN. Another set would focus on the Chaotix (Vector, Espio, Charmy), exploring how they started and split with original members Ray & Mighty, show their detective adventures then tie into the main trilogy because Knuckles interacts with the Chaotix very often in the game, comic, and cartoon lore.

      The Avengers split every member up into their own movies that either happen independently of the MCU or interact with each other, with a main villain often combining a few movies characters together for a plot, or bringing them all together like how Thanos did. The exact same thing can work here. Make seperate movies for Team Hero, Team Dark, Team Chaotix, all exploring their own independent plots, with Eggman being the main villain who ends up bringing all the teams together, thus forming a cinematic universe.

  3. Getting pretty tired of all these attempts for a cinematic universe tbh. Like a few others here have mentioned, not every franchise needs a cinematic universe.

  4. As cool as it is to hypothesise about potential spinoff movies of Sonic, realistically anything outside of the main four characters in this movie (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Eggman) is not going to sell. You could add more, sure, as long as some of those characters are there, but a standalone, say, Rouge movie is never going to work. Even with this one, if they added Amy or something, you’d run the risk of alienating your audience – I reckon too many of the cartoony characters running around would take away from the movie.

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