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Geoff Keighley announces Summer Game Fest 2022 kicks off in June

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With the disappointing announcement yesterday that E3 2022 has been canceled, video game journalist Geoff Keighley, has handily announced that the Summer Game Fest is returning this June. There will be a multitude of different events showcasing games from some of the world’s biggest gaming publishers with the Kickoff Live Show being the biggest draw. Geoff says that more information on the Summer Game Fest will be shared in the coming weeks.

11 thoughts on “Geoff Keighley announces Summer Game Fest 2022 kicks off in June”

  1. Anything that has “Geoff Keighley” in it’s name automatically makes me have zero expectations. How people still place this guy on the pedestal they do is beyond me.

      1. +amanfromdeclan
        Where do I begin…
        1. He didn’t have the balls to drop Activision Blizzard from the lineup because it would ruin his “show”.
        2. The results are so obviously rigged as well as games in the lineup that don’t belong there. Can we remember the time base Street Fighter V, easily 1 of the biggest flops in fighting game launches, was nominated for best fighting game while games like Guilty Gear Xrd and King of Fighters XIV were straight up ignored despite being way more deserving?
        3. I admit this 1 is old but the way he treated Angry Joe in his interview was just borderline disgusting. Joe actually had genuinely good criticism for TGA but Geoff not only ignored him because some big celebrity was walking on the red carpet but his answers either were flat out wrong or just him saying “Check the Website”.
        4. The dood seems to think his show is better than it actually is. So many times he’s hyped things up to be huge but when it actually is shown it’s either meh or at best “good”. I remember before TGA 2021 he hyped up this supposed reveal that had apparently been in the works for over 2 years, whatever it was it can’t have been that big as it didn’t seem to blow the internet the same way other reveals have. I also remember this time he spread around rumours of a Smash 4 Reveal at TGA 2015, I know because I was there and no such thing happened. Then, about a day or 2 after, Geoff bragged about how the viewership for TGA online was at an all-time high! Like how low do you need to stoop?

        I could probably go on but I think I’ve made my point.

        1. Remember when he said that Iwata’s last words to him were that “Nintendo always going to support the game awards”, that was disrespectful and i’m 100% Iwata never said that and it was just him trying to look important and trying to promote his event.

          1. +imao?
            I actually didn’t know that 1 at the time I typed that but yeah, another 1 to add to the list.

            1. Keighley’s full words:

              “Reggie is always invited. He’s been a huge supporter of TGA since day one. In the summer of 2014 I called him with my idea. He was in Hawaii at the time and just finished a deep-sea dive. I remember talking to him for a good hour about the concept and he was so supportive. In many ways we wouldn’t have TGA without Reggie’s support, as well as the late Mr. Iwata. In fact one of the last things Mr. Iwata said to me was that Nintendo would always make sure to support TGA. It meant so much to me.”

  2. Geoff Keighley, now there’s a name to kill hype in an instant. If I want to watch an event that’s all bells and whistles and no meat, I know where to go.

    Hopefully Nintendo just do a big June Direct as usual separate from any event, that will be all I need.

    1. The guy only cares about product placement and influences, google the dorito pope and see for yourself. also the guy stood for his BFF hideo kojima when konami fired him yet didn’t called out Activision directly last game awards ceremony for their employees mistreatment.

      there’s something almost no one talks about and is his comments when Iwata passed away, he said that Iwata told him that “Nintendo is going to support the game awards” which is something that personally I have a hard time believing, i’m sure that Iwata would say “keep supporting the community” instead of inflating geoof’s ego.

  3. Not sure what everything else means, but I can definitely understand that using Iwata’s “last words” to boost your own status can be considered a dick move.

    But at least games are shown as part of an actual event, rather than just shadow-dropping one or two different trailers on different days (or weeks) of games that are meh at best (Origami King, Pikmin 3 Deluxe, Age of Calamity).

    I guess Nintendo has yet another lolcow (lack of a better word, I was originally going to say “goat”) to fall back on, just to hide their secrets away from the public.

    Seriously though, the gigaleak was the greatest thing to happen in all of 2020, a year that was pretty much garbage outside of the Sonic movie.

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