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The Nintendo Switch firmware has been updated to 14.1.0

The Nintendo Switch has been receiving quite a few firmware updates in the past 6 months, with the vast majority of them being rather small. However, that doesn’t mean that there haven’t been a any major updates. In fact, a big update had just released a couple of weeks ago.

Well, Nintendo has released a new Nintendo Switch firmware update tonight. Once you download the update, the console should be at version 14.1.0. It isn’t as big of an update as the last one, but the update does add Platinum Point Notification Settings. The official patch notes are down below.

“Platinum Point Notification Settings” has been added under Notifications in System Settings.

  • Unclaimed Platinum Points earned from completing Nintendo Switch Online missions on your Nintendo Switch system will generate notifications.
  • Setting these notifications to OFF will hide the notification sent when there are unclaimed Platinum Points.


11 thoughts on “The Nintendo Switch firmware has been updated to 14.1.0”

  1. Um can we get some themes other than black and white please, I mean they can be wallpapers for games or even dynamic wallpapers that play a demo of the game in the background I’d take either.

  2. One thing I wish the Switch had the Wii U has is that notification blue light that came on that let is know a new update is released. I wish the Switch did that too.

  3. This still sounds like more of a update to kill off the homebrew team like usual most people won’t know any difference with the platinum notification it’s a nice update but I feel like it should be added in a bigger update where they actually put some more effort into the menu.

    1. I doubt. These updates stops homebrew users for a week at most in big updates, this particular one took 1 hour though.

  4. Know what has a good menu including themes and dynamic themes with background music, my PlayStation. Opps i mentioned PlayStation on a Nintendo fourm apparently that’s against the fourm terms of service. Whelp guess i’ll head on over to PSNprofiles, PowerPyx or now and post about PlayStation. Because Nintendo fanboys might get all huffy if i mentioned PLAySTATION on a Nintendo fourm. Because apparently PLAySTATION isn’t welcomed here. The motto of PLAySTATION “it only does everything’ including has themes with background music.

  5. ? I can only speak for myself but I don’t care if you mention Sony or Microsoft if it is revelant to the conversation. Nintendo says they don’t compete with them, but it is hard not to compare when we see other companies get some basic stuff right while we are 5+ years into the Switch waiting for themes.

  6. All my scaminum points expire because Nintendo has nothing worth spending them on. Worthless update to add pointless clutter.

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