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Pokemon inspired game Temtem coming to Switch this September


The promising Pokemon inspired adventure Temtem finally has a release date and it is set to launch on the Nintendo Switch family of systems and other platforms in September. You can get your hands on the game on 6th September and it’s priced up digitally at £34.99 and there will also be deluxe version at a higher price point. You can check out the fresh new trailer for Temtem 1.0 in the video down below.

“Every kid dreams about becoming a Temtem tamer; exploring the six islands of the Airborne Archipelago, discovering new species, and making good friends along the way. Now it’s your turn to embark on an epic adventure and make those dreams come true. Catch new Temtem on Omninesia’s floating islands, battle other tamers on the sandy beaches of Deniz or trade with your friends in Tucma’s ash-covered fields. Defeat the ever-annoying Clan Belsoto and end its plot to rule over the Archipelago, beat all eight DojoLeaders, and become the ultimate Temtem tamer!”

14 thoughts on “Pokemon inspired game Temtem coming to Switch this September”

  1. What systems is this releasing for just current gen or last gen as well, it says Switch and PS5. I know oftentimes they don’t advertise games for the older systems it goes without being said. Just asking if this will still release for last gen systems or only current gen.

      1. It does, but this aint it.
        It’s literally discount Pokemon, it flat out rips off a lot of it’s mechanics and story beats. Very little originality.

  2. Ironically, the fact that this game is Pokemon-inspired is probably why I won’t play it. I mean, it looks so much like Pokemon, it’s even copying many of its flaws and design aspects that I never really liked to begin with. Pokemon games evolving very slowly is already demanding enough as is, so I don’t really long for an indie game to imitate that.

    1. Yeah but sometimes, I don’t pay much attention to Indie games and what kind of games they are developing. Not gonna lie, but even through this game is very similar to Pokemon just like Ninjala is very similar to Splatoon, those two games are trying to be its own thing and have similar flaws and mechanics just like the original counterparts of Pokemon and Splatoon.

  3. I just hope that this is the TRUE second coming of Pokemon, especially in this post-DEXIT era with less than 100 new Pokemon.

    But still, Temtem is going to need two major things for this franchise to match Pokemon:
    -An anime series (assuming this is a Japanese IP)
    -Offline play. No one is going to want to pay $20 a year for what’s essentially a cloud game.

  4. Normally, I’m all for Pokemon clone games, but I STRONGLY recommend avoiding this one like the plague. This game has been in early access on Steam for a while and I was highly interested in getting it, however, a quick trip to the reviews reveals that the developers are actually psychopaths who ban genuinely innocent players – I’ve seen players being banned because they played the game a lot and the devs decided they must be a bot. Or other people getting banned because their friend stopped playing the game and gave all of their items to said user and the devs decided getting that many items at once meant cheating. Even on games that have mostly positive reviews, it’s always a good idea to look through the negative reviews of a game you’re interested in to see how severe the issues are, and this game is probably one of the worst cases I’ve ever seen. Seriously, check out this game’s Steam store page and look through the negative reviews, and then get something good like Nexomon Extinction or Monster Sanctuary instead.

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