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Switch Online SNES app going down for maintenance Friday morning

The NinStatusBot has revealed that the Super Nintendo app will go down on Friday morning as part of planned maintenance. This is leading to speculation that some additional new Super Nintendo games could be added to the paid Nintendo Switch Online service. The last time the app went down we received  Earthworm Jim 2 (SNES) Dig Dug II (NES) and Mappy Land (NES) on the service. It should be noted that as of the time of writing this post, Nintendo has not announced any additional Nintendo Switch Online retro games.

6 thoughts on “Switch Online SNES app going down for maintenance Friday morning”

      1. Was just talking about that game with some friends, as the original cart has recently hit triple digit prices. By coincidence that it the cart in my SNES right now. One friend was very offended that the price had gotten so high, and the other, treasuring the game so much, saw it as fair.

        I asked, how many annual assassin’s creed games is SM RPG worth? That pretty much killed it the topic because there’s no way the answer is less than two, and two annual assassin’s creeds is $120.

        All this just to point out how great the game is. Would be a very nice edition. Shoot, the best reason I can think of not to do it is if they could cut a deal for a physical edition remaster.

  1. I hope we get is original Pokémon gameboy GBA GBC games on the switch expansion pack with online battles and online trade

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