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IGN will showcase Sonic’s new combat abilities in Sonic Frontiers on Friday

sonic the hedgehog in the upcoming sonic frontiers

IGN has plenty more Sonic Frontiers gameplay to showcase this month and the next footage is due to feature on their website on Friday. The next bout of Sonic Frontiers gameplay footage will focus on Sonic’s new combat abilities in the sprawling open world adventure. We saw a seven minute taster of Sonic Frontiers yesterday courtesy of SEGA and IGN and it has received some mixed feedback online. Some fans are extremely excited to explore the various stages and others are concerned about the world being too barren, even getting the hashtag DelaySonicFrontiers trending on Twitter. Sonic Frontiers is currently scheduled to be released on multiple formats at the end of the year.

Thanks to sonicgalaxy27 and Greatsong1 for sending in the news tip!

4 thoughts on “IGN will showcase Sonic’s new combat abilities in Sonic Frontiers on Friday”

  1. Why are they being so slow about showing some some of the stuff about this games it won’t be too long before frontier, and I believe it was mention that zones are still here but theirs a different way too access them why not at least show case 2 for just this month at least than people can feel better rather than keep calling the overworld empty and lifeless

    1. The gameplay they show off, I believe its not the final game just yet. Its basically just a demo for them to show off tomorrow or what not. Plus, I know many gamers in the world are very hungry for open world excitement like this one.

  2. I just want to say 2 things:
    1. I am still cautiously optimistic about Sonic Frontiers; while the empty world and gameplay could use some polish, I think it is still too soon to call it a failure

    I honestly feel that them showing the exploration first was a good move, and that tomorrow’s combat showcase will leave a more pleasant taste in fans’ mouths

  3. Yeah, I’ve played Sonic fan games with open worlds that look and play better with more to do. This looks like a game that still has a year or two before its ready to be revealed rather than ready to officially show the public gameplay footage and have a release date later this year. Sega really needs to slow down. If a game isn’t ready for release, don’t release it. They’re setting themselves up to fail by putting this unfinished game out by the end of the year. Even if there’s more to the game, this looks woefully incomplete and almost needs an overhaul.

    This seriously seems like they took some realistic game’s layout plopped in some Sonic rails and springs and added simple challenges to pad out the playtime by about 20 minutes and threw in Sonic and called it a day… I’m sorry, but this is what they’ve managed to put together since Sonic Forces released all the way back in 2017? Its almost been 5 years since their last horrible game and this is their follow-up game? They need a real visionary working there, whoever is in charge of their creative direction needs to be fired because this looks bad, unfinished, uninspired, and worst of all lazy. This is like a bad joke, then you find out the guy wasn’t kidding.

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