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The YouTube & Crunchyroll apps on Wii U are shutting down

It has been a very gradual process, but with the life cycle for Nintendo’s Wii U console having ended many years ago, service after service on the platform has been shutting down. Sadly, 2 more examples of this trend have been officially announced.

Google has announced that, due to Nintendo closing the Wii U eShop next year, that “the YouTube app is no longer available for new downloads from the Wii U eShop”. It will no longer be possible to use the app in October. Meanwhile, Crunchyroll has announced that their app will also be unavailable for eShop downloads and become unusable on August 29th.

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Thanks to GreatSong1 for the news tip!

8 thoughts on “The YouTube & Crunchyroll apps on Wii U are shutting down”

    1. Agreed! It’s been how long and the Switch STILL doesn’t have these apps?? Honestly what is Nintendo doing behind the scenes?? Are they trying to add these apps in the future or does Nintendo TRULY think that they don’t need or shouldn’t put these apps and other streaming apps on their console?? I truly don’t understand Nintendo’s thinking or why it’s taking too long . It’s kind of frustrating at this point.

  1. A shame, although. I never used this app on the Wii U. They should app a web app on the Nintendo Switch if they have no plans of adding YouTube to the Nintendo Switch.

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