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Fire Emblem Engage file-size weighs in at 15GB

characters in Fire Emblem Engage for Nintendo Switch

We were all treated to a look at the brand new Fire Emblem adventure Fire Emblem Engage during the latest Nintendo Direct presentation and it admittedly looks lovely. Those of you wondering how much space Fire Emblem Engage will take up if you purchase the game digitally via the eShop should expect the game to weigh in at around 15GB according to the official Nintendo website. The file-size is subject to change though as there’s still some time to go until Fire Emblem Engage launches as it is not due for release until January 2023. The previous Fire Emblem games on the Nintendo Switch file-sizes are as follows; Fire Emblem: Three Houses (11.6 GB) Fire Emblem: Three Hopes (13.4 GB).


7 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Engage file-size weighs in at 15GB”

  1. Can anyone explain to me why Marth is always a key role in these games. Is there a reason behind it or is it just their most recognizable character? I haven’t played many fire emblem games

    1. I think you’re right with “their most recognizable character”.

      From the FE wiki :
      “As the first Lord character in the Fire Emblem franchise and one of the first Fire Emblem characters introduced to the west through Super Smash Bros. Melee, Marth is one of the most recognizable characters in the franchise.”

    2. He was the first Lord (i.e. protagonist) of the first Fire Emblem game, so he’s become an symbol for the series. When it was time to introduce FE in Smash, they chose the first Lord (Marth) and the most recent Lord (Roy).

    3. Idk why the other two replies are basically saying he plays a key role in the games. Anyways, Marth is only present in 3 games if we’re counting Engage, and is referenced for a few times in Awakening with Lucina masquerading as her ancestor. This leaves 10 games where he is not present at all.

      (This would also be the same amount of appearances Ike makes in the series since he has two games of his own, Priam is implied to be his ancestor in Awakening, and it’s safe to assume he’ll appear in Engage as well.)

  2. Don’t forget those day one patches because it would be too much trouble to include the day one patch to the full release right :/

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