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Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer released

Today was the day that Nintendo decided to hold their Direct for the Mario Movie that is supposed to premiere in theaters in April. The Direct had some remarks from Chris Pratt, the voice of Mario, as well as Jack Black, the voice of Bowser.

However, the Mario Movie Direct’s main event was, of course, the very first trailer for the movie. As promised, the Direct ended with a new trailer that gives fans their first look at the movie’s writing and visuals. It also gives fans their first insight into Chris Pratt’s Mario and Jack Black’s Bowser. The trailer is down below.

27 thoughts on “Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer released”

  1. It was plain and simple. I wanted to see peach at least once and a little more of the mushroom kingdom. If this is all we have to go on, then this may well have just been called a teaser trailer 😟

  2. Honestly I say this movie first trailer is exceptionally well, most of us were expecting the usual cash grab illumination movie, but with Nintendo strictness and oversee everything looks amazing love how everyone sounds aside from Chris it’ll have to grow on me, like how Bowser and the rest of crew still look familiar, glad we won’t be having to hear generic pop music blasting in the movie and that were getting getting an original ost, I’m glad everyone came in with low expectations cause it paid off.

    1. That’s very understandable honestly. I’m also so happy to see Kevin Michael Richardson on board for the film and him voicing Kamek makes this animation film more faithful to enjoyed.

  3. This looks a lot better than I was fearing. They hit it out of the park. If the entire movie has the same quality and vibe as this trailer, this will make video game history. They nailed the characters and atmosphere. Being one of the first very faithful adaptations to the source material makes this a special moment as I hope other popular games will follow suit as well.

  4. I’m not gonna lie….not bad. Pretty damn good for what I’ve saw. When Bowser just stood there when the penguins were throwing the snowballs got me laughing haha.

  5. I don’t watch many movies, but every now and then I get sucked into a Disney movie that the kids are watching and I feel glued to the screen because of the great comedy and sense of humour these movies pull off. This Mario movie looks like it could be just like that. I got good vibes off this trailer

  6. I was fully braced for Illumination-style cringe going into this, so I’m really happy that it actually turned out to be pretty decent.
    Still not wild about Chris as Mario, but Jack Black kinda killed it as Bowser ngl. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of him in the role.

    1. Yeah, after that whole box office and commercial failure with the original film in 1993, Nintendo has indeed decided to explore many opportunities to make a faithful Mario film in the future and trying to make sure Nintendo don’t repeat the same mistakes again back then. I still do get that Nintendo want to keep making more games for the fans like us, but will it increase their stock market after the film release in April possibly?

  7. Okay, I’ll concede. Jack Black is actually a very good pick to voice Bowser, and whoever is the voice for Kamek gives me Wallace Shawn vibes (the guy who voices Rex in the Toy Story movies), and that’s not a bad thing.

    Still would have preferred almost anyone else over Pratt for Mario though.

  8. I’m really impressed! Even though things look different and the voices sound different, it doesn’t sound bad or wrong. Bowser and Kamek sound great! And visually it looks amazing! I will say however that when Mario got up after his fall, the animation and facial expression were very much Illumination to the point that I could see their characters in Mario.

  9. I find the visuals and presentation very fine. Mario, Bowser and Luigi all look quite good. The voices however…meh, it will take some time to get used to, and I will need to hear more, but they are as average as I expected.

    I also liked that the penguins showed up. I might be wrong but its been so long since they were given any sort of attention in the games.

  10. Can we PLEASE have future releases of Super Mario Sunshine where Jack Black is voicing Bowser at the end of the game? Because his voice is far better. Could be deeper but I could get attached to that voice.

    I don’t get all the disappointment over Pratt voicing Mario. He sounded fine here. Maybe people are too attached to Martinet’s voice. Maybe it’s the Twitter crazies who hate him for his beliefs. Maybe people still blame him for Thanos getting the Time Stone. 😆 It’s whatever, though. People can love (or hate) whoever they want.

    1. I think most people are just attached to Martinet’s voice (but there are definitely some of those crazies that hate it because it’s Pratt). If you reeeaally think about it, a whole movie with Martinet Mario would be extremely annoying, and I’d rather take Pratt’s voice over that. Still would’ve preferred a guy with an actual Brooklyn accent though.

      1. As someone who grew up with Captain Lou Albano’s (RIP) Mario, hearing Martinet’s Mario was absolute whiplash for me. From the few lines I heard from Pratt he seemed to have basically been going for a less gruff version of my personal favorite Mario, which I can dig. And I agree, no offense to Martinet but having to listen to full dialog from his version of the character just wouldn’t work for a 90-minute movie.

        1. It looks like the movie might start with Mario as an everyday plumber in New Donk City or less magical place, or just lesser income area then then the royal kingdom, and then get transported to Mushroom Kingdom somehow. He says “what is this place?” But not too freaked out so maybe where he came from was also magical cause he isn’t too shook from a talking mushroom guy.

          Either way my hope is the movie’s plot doesn’t hinge on Peach becoming a damsel in distress, I hope she has a more active role then being an object for Mario to save, which I have a feeling they won’t do.

      2. I think it’s more about the previous claim that it was going to be something completely new we’ve never heard before, followed by the reveal that it’s basically just Chris Pratt’s normal voice (but slightly higher pitched and slower, presumably so kids can understand him better). I’m sure it’ll be fine, but Mario just sounds like Chris Pratt. shrug

        And honestly, I think a whole movie with Martinet would be fine. They would just have to keep his lines shorter/less frequent. We don’t really know the plot yet, but if it’s not much more than the generic “Bowser is bad and Mario has to stop him” thing, Mario probably doesn’t really NEED to talk all that often. Other characters (namely Bowswer, the main villain, and Peach, who is likely to be the one requesting help from and guiding Mario) can carry the plot just fine.

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