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Digimon World: Next Order is Switch bound

artwork for the revamped version of Digimon World Next Order

Bandai Namco has lifted the lid on the next Digimon game and it is a remake of the PlayStation Vita game Digimon World: Next Order. The game was revitalised with an enhanced edition on Sony’s PlayStation 4 in 2017 and it will now arrive on the Nintendo Switch next February in Japan. The game is being handled by the team at B.B. Studio and will feature additional quality of life features such as the new “Beginner Mode” and “run” functionality. A western release for Digimon World: Next Order hasn’t been announced yet, but hopefully we will hear soon from Bandai Namco. Here’s the details regarding the 2017 PlayStation 4 version which the Nintendo Switch version is be based on:


Welcome back to the Digital World! An all new adventure & story awaits! The Digital world is in despair. Machinedramons are running rampant and causing utter chaos… the Digital World needs your help! Recruit faithful Digimon companions and meet friends along the way to help you on this epic journey.

Key Features

  • Over 200 Digimon from the animated series!
  • For the first time ever in the series, explore the Digital World with not one, but TWO Digimon partners!
  • Your success in battles and the growth 0of your partners is totally dependent on you: raise, train, feed, etc. in real-time to form strong bonds with your companions. Every interaction & activity matters!
  • Evolved AI Battle System: strong bonds with your partners is key—train your Digimon to excel in AI battles on their own. Cooperation and synchronization between your partners and their feelings will increase your chances of winning. Shout commands and cheer them to victory!

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5 thoughts on “Digimon World: Next Order is Switch bound”

    1. I agree 100%! My Digimon kept getting sick and dying,I done everything I could to keep them alive and nope! RIP.

  1. Man, even Namco doesn’t seem to remember Digimon didn’t start off as an anime. I guess Agumon in smash bros was never a possibility.

  2. I played it on PS4 to see what kind of game Digimon World games are about and I liked it. So now it’s coming to Nintendo Switch which I am happy about. I am a Digimon Tamer since I started playing the CCG game earlier this year and enjoy the experience. I might import it but it’s the DLC that I don’t know if it will be compatible with the Japan release. So I will be watching this.

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