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Dragon Quest Treasures review roundup (77 Metascore) game launches today

Reviews for the long-awaited Dragon Quest spin-off title, Dragon Quest Treasures, which is a Nintendo Switch exclusive at present, have been published online. The treasure hunting adventure staring Echoes of an Elusive Age‘s Erik and Mia has an average review score of 77 on Metacritic based on 23 critic reviews. We have gathered a small sample of the published reviews and provided some excerpts which might help you make a purchasing decision. Dragon Quest Treasures launches on the Nintendo Switch today.

“While it may borrow heavily from the wider Dragon Quest series, it delves into new genres aplenty and attempts to see what can be used to push the series forward. Though this doesn’t always work perfectly, it does present plenty of new opportunities and ways for the series to evolve in some truly exciting ways.”

“Dragon Quest Treasures is not a perfect experience, but it is a fun and enjoyable one overall. The new ideas and mechanics it blends with the Dragon Quest series’ trademarks are sound ones, and they could prove to be vital to the series’ direction both in mainline games and what will hopefully be a strong new spinoff series for years to come. So long as one is willing to bear with its rough introduction, there’s little doubt they’ll find a game that’s well worth the patience.”

Twinfinite – 4/5

“I feel as though there are going to be two distinct opinions of Dragon Quest Treasures, the new Switch-exclusive Dragon Quest spinoff starring Echoes of an Elusive Age‘s Erik and Mia. The first is that the game is an enjoyable treasuring-hunting romp with hours of content, a unique combat experience, and the type of what-will-I-find-next obsession that drives people to empty their bank accounts into loot boxes and gacha. The second is that it’s a $60 busy-work simulator, where all you do is complete mundane tasks to progress through a mundane adventure.”

“Maybe it’s the Dragon Quest charm, or maybe it’s because I’m happy to be playing a game way less buggy than the last one I reviewed, but I got a kick out of Dragon Quest Treasures. This is the type of game I will happily sink hours into without caring about whether or not I’m actually progressing beyond just building up my cache. A perfect game for those long winter nights, Dragon Quest Treasures will more than tide me over until Square Enix finally gets around to releasing Infinity Strash.”

Destructoid 7.5

“But as enjoyable as it all is, it is a little overwhelming and exhausting. You have Main Quests, Gang Quests, Railway Quests, Adventure Quests, Daily Quests, Treasure Map Quests, Dispatch Quests, and Banner Quests. Euston is constantly suggesting you hit new Ranks for treasure, to increase your capabilities. Purrsula and Porcus keep asking about the Dragon Stones, which means heading into the Snarl for new tablets with clues. Not to mention there are the asynchronous online treasure hunt options. I know I’ve said this before, but… it is a lot!”

“Dragon Quest Treasures is a lot! It offers tons to do. Players get diverse islands to explore, many quests to complete, and an ample assortment of monsters to collect. It is clearly the sort of game someone is supposed to pick at for weeks. The downside is, it can almost be too overwhelming when it comes to how many tasks fall into your to-do list. As long as you take your time (and regular breaks to rest your thumbs after all the digging), it’s a manageable and sometimes even memorable experience.”

Siliconera 8/10

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  1. Will certainly be picking up Dragon Quest Treasures asap, Erik was always one of my favorites in Dragon Quest 11 and im glad Dragon Quest Treasures is getting decent reviews. Just wonder how long it’ll remain a Switch exclusive title or if it’s for the foreseeable future.

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