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Federal Trade Commission is looking to block Microsoft Activision deal

The US Federal Trade Commission has signalled its intention to block Microsoft’s potential acquisition of Activision-Blizzard. In a post on their website the FTC said that the reason that they plan to block the deal is because they believe it would allow Microsoft to suppress competitors to its Xbox consoles and its rapidly growing subscription content (Game Pass) and cloud-gaming business (Xbox Cloud Gaming). The FTC points to Microsoft acquisition of Bethesda and says that the US company decided to make several upcoming Bethesda games such as Starfield and Redfall Xbox exclusives, despite assurances it had given to European antitrust authorities that it would not withhold games from rival consoles. This means that Microsoft will have to take the deal to court if other countries say the same which will be a long drawn out process and will be a big set back for the company. Microsoft had said that they planned to have the deal finalised by the end of June 2023.


11 thoughts on “Federal Trade Commission is looking to block Microsoft Activision deal”

  1. M$ wants to make more games available for more players and let them play however they want “might” make Elder Scrolls VI an Xbox exclusive title, but “it’s Just to much money to be made by removing Call of Duty from PlayStation”

    1. It’s a little bit different, one is a single player game and the other is multi-player with micro transactions. There is an incentive to keep it multiplatform

  2. How does this make sense? Other consoles have games they use to draw players to their consoles but the moment xbox tries to use money to own titles to bring to their consoles it becomes unfair. I say let microsoft step up their game, its their right

    1. I just hate that SONY completely scrapped Resistance, SOCOM, and Killzone and focused on dumping money to Activision for CoD exclusivity. Now that they see it going away they whine like spoiled children because them losing this shooter would leave them without any, and MS is all of a sudden a threat to the entire gaming community.

    2. It’s because they don’t own any of these companies. If they’re creating these IPs from scratch (Like Nintendo) and they’ve been exclusive from the get-go, it would be one thing. But they’re buying up massive companies that are historically multi-platform and then restricting access to consumers. This is fine on a smaller scale (like just Bethesda, which is already a huge company). But this is very concerning if they do this with multiple, large companies.

      The real question is “why can’t Microsoft create something compelling for their platform using their existing developers?” instead of “why can’t they buy entire companies and then restrict access to that content?”

    1. Exclusives in general are not good for the consumer, yet Xbox, the one console not trying to push them is the only console they attempt to do this with. Doesn’t exactly add up.

    2. It’s only bad when the company you don’t like is doing it. When Sony does it (let’s move the goalpost) it’s for the players and they only do it with companies that they have history with. So it doesn’t count.

  3. But yet, will let other corporations like Comcast, Verizon, Ticketmaster, AT&T, and Disney run amok……

    They are just wanting kickbacks and political donations……That’s all these push backs are ever for.

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