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WatchMojo lists top 10 most underrated video games of all time

It is not uncommon for various media outlets to release some lists that reveal their most favorite or least favorite gaming-related things. However, every once in a while, there is a list that appears that relates to the world of Nintendo. Sometimes, the media outlet isn’t even a gaming one.

For example, WatchMojo released a video containing a list of what they feel are the top 10 most underrated video games of all time. Around half of the games that made the list are available on a Nintendo platform, and one of them is a Nintendo 64 exclusive game. You can see the full list and the video down below.

10. Enslaved: Odyssey To The West

9. Space Station Silicon Valley

8. Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy

7. ModNation Racers

6. Skies of Arcadia

5. Power Stone

4. Mischief Makers

3. Splosion Man

2. Beyond Good & Evil

  1. Jet Force Gemini

14 thoughts on “WatchMojo lists top 10 most underrated video games of all time”

  1. WatchMojo of all things is article worthy?

    But seriously, WatchMojo is entry-level content for people who have been casual observers or just entering the world of video game/film/television meta.

    At the start of 2023, it’s about as relevant as ScrewAttack and Dorkly Bits.

  2. I agree with Jet Force Gemini, but it was no perfect dark, still a good worthy game that didn’t get much attention.

  3. Who cares where the list came from… at the end of the day it represents someone’s opinion.

    Space Station Silicon Vally is an AMAZING game but I’ve never met anyone else who’s played it. Since they listed that, it makes me interested in trying out the other games on the list.

  4. Why isn’t Traverse on the list? If the music wasn’t so repetitive it could’ve been a very good game due to it’s difficulty. I mean literally even a simple melody would’ve suffix instead of the ‘duh duh duh duh duuuuuuuun’ however it went over and over again.

    There’s a gameplay on Youtube of someone doing it.

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