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Life is Strange 2 coming to Nintendo Switch next month

The logo for Life is Strange 2

Square Enix has confirmed today that Don’t Nod’s sequel to the best-selling Life is Strange game, Life is Strange 2, is heading to the Nintendo Switch. Fans of the series won’t have long to wait until they can experience the narrative driven game on the go as Life is Strange 2 will be available on the Nintendo eShop on Thursday, 2nd February. You can check out the Nintendo Switch announcement trailer for Life is Strange 2 down below.

Life is Strange 2 is a narrative-adventure in which your decisions influence both the game’s story and characters. You play as sixteen-year-old Sean Diaz, a normal kid growing up in the suburbs of Seattle. After your younger brother Daniel’s telekinetic powers are unleashed by a traumatic incident, you are forced to abandon your home and flee from the police. As a big brother, you are solely responsible for not only Daniel’s safety, shelter, and wellbeing – but also how he grows to harness his power as you travel across the USA in an attempt to cross the border into Mexico.

Experience life on the road and the new, interesting, and sometimes dangerous people and situations you encounter when you step off the beaten path.Join the Diaz brothers for the journey of a lifetime on Nintendo Switch– the choices you make along this trip will define them forever. Life is Strange 2 is available to pre-order now from the Nintendo eShop and will release on February 2, 2023.

2 thoughts on “Life is Strange 2 coming to Nintendo Switch next month”

  1. Excellent game, love the LiS series. Was happy when they released True Colors all at once and not in installments. Hopefully future games they continue with that route, i love the LiS series but i hate episodic games. Like FF7R, part 2 doesn’t even have a release window until winter 2023.

  2. I have the first and this on PS4. I’m not looking to go through that Mushroom trauma again, so I’ll pass, but it’s a good game,

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