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Canada: Speculation grows for Direct as Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom & Advance Wars 1+2 eShop IDs updated

The artwork for the Nintendo Switch Advance Wars collection

We are nearing that time of the year for a new Nintendo Direct presentation to inform us of Nintendo’s upcoming release schedule for 2023 with all-important release date updates for certain games. Speculation for one to arrive soonish has amplified today as it was discovered that some software IDs on the Canadian Nintendo Switch eShop have been updated. This includes Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp and the long-awaited The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is currently scheduled for release on Friday, 12th May, though this could well change. Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp, which is co-developed by WayForward and Nintendo, was originally scheduled for a December 2021 release, but the game was pushed back due to the Russian military invasion of Ukraine. There is a possibility that the Advance Wars collection could well be shadow dropped with a quick tweet. If we hear anything about a Nintendo Direct presentation, we will of course let you all know.


4 thoughts on “Canada: Speculation grows for Direct as Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom & Advance Wars 1+2 eShop IDs updated”

  1. They usually like doing Directs around Valentine’s Day, but with all the big game releases in February, I wouldn’t expect a Direct until early March, March also being the Switches 6th anniversary, this would be a great time to hear about tears of the kingdom 😊💖

  2. I was going to say it’s been a while since they done general directs in January but the first general direct last year was in February, not to mention they have a good early year line up plus potential announcement of stuff we already know, the Kirby port, the deluxe wave 4 cup, Mario+rabbids dlc part 1, Splatoon 3 spring update/maybe dlc reveal and many others I really hope February direct has a lot of new stuff along with brief updates and dlc, but knowing Nintendo some of this stuff will end up getting their own videos before the direct comes along.

  3. With how fragile the economy is on a global scale and internal problems in Asia I think Nintendo is trying to figure out what to do for the future as the best economic outlook is pretty grim if you can get past the political spin on things. All companies are questioning the future right now hence I think they have several times gone back and forth debating whether or not Zelda TOTK should be on a Pro or standard.

    The way things are so unknown I think they are going for standard + online for optimization hence the reason they have stealthy introduced and steered us to the Switch + Expansion Pack as a fall back in case for whatever reason the Switch Pro doesn’t work out and now is a bad time to release a brand new console in terms of the economy.

    When the economy is good like 2018 you can take extra risks which was our last golden era of gaming and best since the 90s/early 00s as the economy turned around. In 2020 bad things were done that kept the economy bad but I won’t get into that on here due to the political no no hammer that hits certain views.

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