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IGN also says Nintendo has no heavy hitters after Zelda Tears of the Kingdom releases on Switch this year

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IGN has published an article regarding the Entertainment Software Associations report yesterday about E3 2023. The statement from the ESA, which neither confirmed or denied the report from IGN that Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony would not be present at the rebooted E3 2023, also included some information about Nintendo’s software release schedule for 2023. In the article IGN says it has heard similar information to VCG from its sources that Nintendo has a “light second half release schedule” for the Switch after the long-awaited The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom releases in May. This is leading to speculation online that the Kyoto-based company is possibly planning to release the successor to the still popular Switch console sometime in early 2024.

“IGN understands that Nintendo and Xbox were initially interested in having a presence at the event, but that both had to pull out for reasons unrelated to the show itself. VGC has since reported that Nintendo opted not to take part in the event due to a light second half release schedule not justifying the event space — information that IGN can corroborate.”



28 thoughts on “IGN also says Nintendo has no heavy hitters after Zelda Tears of the Kingdom releases on Switch this year”

  1. Assuming this is true, I’m just impressed that Splatoon 3 released so late that it will have events and updates released well into the life of the next console.

    1. Because Nintendo realized a successor is a lost cause now in these times. They made the practical choice though is it for the better? Only the jury can tell. Nintendo had a lot of deaths recently since Satori and mostly financial people are running the show now which the lack of charm shows compared to the Wii/DS/3DS era.

    1. The first half of your sentence is true. They will conserve now on major releases including Mario until they know whether the world will go out of the crapper. As for the Successor of the Switch it will be when they can get enough supplies and China isn’t constantly locking down. Citizens there are mass rebelling though ‘and mass disappearing’ as a result with survivors coming forward to tell how bad things are over there but the news is blocking it.

      of if China causes Taiwan to defend themselves sparring a new war by doing stupid things to save their ass from their collapsing economy.

      1. I mean who knows didn’t people say last year that Zelda tok would also release on switch and switch successor, and now it’s coming out may 12 despite their being a pretty long wait anything can still happen.

    1. Better get to them soon while you still have electricity. The policies being put in place are going to strain our grid if not already. In our state the last coal fired plant had shut down and if we have a major region-wide cold spell it will strain our grid because California will have to borrow from us which we won’t have a dime of KW to spare. There is simply no way to have enough renewables to reliably cover the entire grid it’s a pipe dream………..a very dangerous pipe dream.

  2. Nintendo themselves didn’t say this, why are these modern video game journalist companies full of old maid’s tales and speculation. They behave like politicians, just because their Nintendo switch pro dream turned into 5th grade recess discussions.


  3. If this is true, then there’s no Nintendo Direct to lay out the year and announce new games coming right? Can’t push both Direct hype and also say there is nothing to hype.

    The problem with these outlets, is that they only consider Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, and Animal Crossing major titles and so after Zelda obviously there’s no other major title right? Never mind Nintendo has many AAA franchises that aren’t those 4.

  4. Only a fool would get the new Zelda game now. Just hold off and wait for the Switch U to come out and play the upgraded version.

    1. I agree especially in the strained times we live in it’s silly to throw frivolous money away at electronic entertainment when it may not matter in the near future and bad things the government is doing eventually will catch up to us in a not good way.

      Our local governor wants to borrow from the state’s reserves which is money we don’t really have to solve a problem the wrong way which will only make it bigger later so yeah things are about to bite hard. If the Reps are smart they will walk away and have nothing to do with it.

  5. I think it’s possible (likely) to have an early Direct this year to push the games still left to come out and ALSO have a successor on the horizon. A few more ports/remasters and some budget titles wouldn’t be awful this year considering how much I still need to finish up for the Switch. Would be nice to get through some of the backlog before the heavy hitters land in the first year of a new system.

    Again, here’s hoping. We may end up with a full year + of relative quiet on the Switch before we get the next big thing. With an install base this size, Nintendo may be right to drop the price slightly, put out a greatest hits line, and just coast for a bit while they put the polish on the next gen experiences.

  6. Nintendo tends to hold some games back from reveal. They could tell us at the next direct 4 more games coming out his year.

  7. So they didn’t work on DK, or Starfox, or Toad’s Treasure Tracker, or Luigi’s Mansion 4, or Mario Kart 9, or Mario Baseball. Doesn’t surprise me, make one game then don’t do nothing else for at least a decade. And it shouldn’t even take that long with a console’s hardware from the stone age. I could see if a developer worked immediately for something on the PS5 or Series X but to wait over a decade on a Tegra 1 from 2015? Just shows you Nintendo doesn’t do nothing after they release a heavy hitter. Had they made Pikmin 4 immediately after Pikmin 3 was done, we would had been on Pikmin 6 by now.

  8. Wow, Nintendo fans are of their trolleys 😂 no we are not getting a new console next year, forget it already 😂 we will get new titles announced for next year in the September direct , but don’t expect a console for another 5 years ok? Just simmer down and relax. We will get new directs in March and September, but nothing for E3. Don’t worry Nintendo’s got you covered 😁

  9. Not surprised. If you pay attention the worlds’ entire economy is in the crapper not just from Ovid 19 but from bad government policies that all did the wrong things suppressing people’s rights and throwing money at frivolous ‘social’ spending instead of strengthining their economy/military to better protect themselves from threats both foreign and domestic. This has a knock back effect on the gaming industry because like any other industry they HAVE to have a solid future outlook and this day and age that’s not happening.

  10. For all these companies know the big crash is just around the corner and you don’t release big things when there is threats of a crash/depression which now we have all tied to digital money so it will quadruple the effects….even for a modest crash it will have a major backlash due to how we are all tied in digitally now.

    It’s not good but it can be fixed afterwards if we don’t all murder each other during the crash which is where the problems lie.

    2008 was just a drop in the bucket and we never did recover from it fully except in 2018/2019 briefly. I have never seen the few existing malls so packed since I was a kid during that time.

  11. I have plenty to play, so no worries from me. Still chipping away at AI: Somnium, No Man’s Sky, and with Final Fantasy Rythem and Zelda, I should be good.

    Oh, and we’ll see about Advanced Wars. Not happy about the price tho.

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