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Nintendo will launch Switch successor when they can create a new experience

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Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa has chatted with Japanese news publication The Nikkei and was questioned about when the Kyoto-based company is thinking of launching a successor to the popular Switch system. Mr. Furukawa reiterated that the company starts thinking about a successor several years in advance and that the internal resource and development teams are continuously looking at new forms of entertainment. He concluded by saying that the final deciding factor is when it all when it all fits into piece and they can successfully bring everything together and create a brand new experience.

“The hardware and software development teams are in the same building, communicating closely and thinking about how we can propose new forms of entertainment. In order to create a single piece of hardware, we have to do a lot of preparation several years in advance, so we are working without stopping. In the end, the deciding factor in whether or not to commercialise a product is whether it can create a new experience.”

Nintendo president, Shuntaro Furukawa

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34 thoughts on “Nintendo will launch Switch successor when they can create a new experience”

  1. Why does it need to be a new experience though? Improve on what you have already, and solidify a stronger position in the market instead of gambling on stuff that isn’t that interesting. Make something powerful that’ll attract more third party support, instead of us having a ton of weaker ports and remasters constantly.

    1. People been asking Nintendo to just make a powerful console since the Gamecube without gimmicks. Had they listened, we never would have gotten the DS, 3DS, Wii and Switch. Consoles that changed the gaming landscape and are some of the most memorable systems ever made. If you want a powerful system with all the new 3rd party games, get an Xbox, Playstation or pc.

    2. I was thinking the exact same thing. Just keep upgrading the current model i.e switch 2 and have a couple of versions.

      A bit like the mobile phone market

  2. They’ve stuck gold with the hybrid. The Switch has built up an incredible library of content. Why not just keep it simple.
    Switch 2 with backwards compat and updated build.

      1. The Wii was already well on the decline by the time the Wii U came out. Meanwhile, the Switch is as strong as ever right now. A direct successor would do very well.

      2. @Juan.
        The WiiU went down as a huge disaster launch. If you look back, there were plenty of articles that lead to many consumers being confused what the actual product was.
        Its a well known fact that the U was poorly marketed by Nintendo

      1. +ladyrosalina
        I’m sorry but that is factually not correct.
        1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
        2. Animal Crossing: New Horizons
        3. Super Smash Bros Ultimate
        4. Zelda Breath of the Wild
        5. Pokemon Sword and Shield
        6. Super Mario Odyssey
        7. Super Mario Party
        8. Pokemon Let’s Go
        9. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl
        10. Ring Fit Adventure

        Only 2 of those are Wii U Ports, 3 if you want to count Zelda BOTW which I don’t because it was a launch title on the system so it wasn’t really “relying” on it.
        Sorry but no, the system absolutely is not being carried with Wii U ports.

          1. +mmc2017
            Wait…why did I say “3”? Sorry, I meant 2.
            Zelda BOTW is a little tricky, if we wanna get technical, it IS a Nintendo Wii U port because it was originally made for the system but later on got ported to the Nintendo Switch lineup.
            But because it was essentially a brand new game; It came without all the “downsides” that come along with Nintendo Wii U Port.
            Even if Lady Rosalina wants to count Zelda BOTW on the list, their argument is still very flawed.

  3. The Switch has been a gold mine since it was revealed back in October 2016. I get that Nintendo wanted new experiences from the console market for better gaming experience, but will it increase there revenue for whatever they bring to the table next after the Switch?.

  4. Now that standalone VR is for sure doable and affordable, I would absolutely love an updated modern switch with an optional headset accessory. Then you can be in portable docked or headset mode.

    There’s no way I see the console coming with the headset accessory though.

  5. I guess that makes sense given their history.
    NES to SNES (more powerful)
    SNES to N64 (3D)
    N64 to GCN (optical discs, more power)
    GCN to Wii (motion controls)
    Wii to Wii U (second screen, off-tv play)
    Wii U to Switch (hybrid console)

    It even checks out with the handhelds.
    GB to GBC (added color, less batteries)
    GBC to GBA (larger screen, more power)
    (if you count this one) GBA to GBA SP (backlight, rechargeable battery)
    GBA to DS (second screen, touch screen, wifi, more power)
    (if you count this one) DS to DSi (downloadable content via internet)
    DS to 3DS (stereoscopic 3D, gyro controls, more power)
    3DS to N3DS (improved 3D, more power)
    3DS to Switch (hybrid console, more power)

    Nintendo really only launched new consoles that were just more powerful because the leap in technology was much larger back then. Right now… we’ve kind of hit a diminishing returns in the graphics department. I could understand making a more powerful system to accommodate game devs but… I can see how I wouldn’t make a whole new product around it (especially since it’d potentially be competing directly with Steam Deck and would potentially lose that battle)

    So yeah… I’d say it makes sense when you think about Nintendo’s history and current climate.

  6. In other words a new useless gimick that nobody wants or asked for rather than improving on what already works… like a more powerful system that supports backwards compatibility.
    Seriously all these morons really needed to do was just make a dock with an integrated GPS for the switch which allow better specs on par with ps5/seriesx when docked while maintaining the portable option As well, but that would reqiure Nintendo to actually care about actually improving rather than being the morons we all know they are.

    1. “On par with ps5/seriesx when docked” I don’t think you understand where mobile tech is. Even if they use DLSS on the next system it can’t come anywhere close to the current consoles, especially not without costing an arm and a leg for the new system, has to stay in the $300 range to sell well. I’m not gonna pretend to be an engineer, but your expectation is out of wack

  7. Why not make a more powerful Switch.
    Exactly a Switch with what everyone wants a built in toaster oven. A Switch that transformers like a transformer, hence the name “The Switch”
    A Switch that transformers into a helicopter, yeah but … “can your shiz fly” and “smoke a strawberry poptart”

  8. Some may disagree, but history has shown that Nintendo makes money when they innovate. So either expect a Switch 2 or success for Nintendo next gen, not both. Personally I hope for a Switch 2, success is never good for the consumer.

  9. Seems pretty obvious most people just want a Switch 2. If the next Switch launched 3 years down the road for $300~$400 and was about as strong as the Steam Deck I think most people would be happy. It doesn’t need to compete with the PS5/X-Box Series X. The hybrid nature of the Switch devices is enough of a selling point for me and many others.

    As for the dilemma with the Wii U, they need to drive the message home that this isn’t an accessory and that its the successor to the original Switch. Literally calling it Switch 2 would work as adding a number after the name is the most basic way to communicate that the product is a sequel to the previous product. Additionally, the Wii U was trying to grab an audience that moved on by the time the Wii ended. The Wii grabbed a casual audience that was captivated by the motion controls gimmick especially because of its affordable entry price. By the time the Wii U came out other technologies like VR started to take off and touch screen cell phones made the gamepad feel like a Fisher-Price toy rather than a leap in technology.

    The Switch is a different kind of gimmick however as its one that’s practical. Being convenient and able to play on the TV and on the go whenever the user wants makes the Switch concept versatile. That’s not the sort of thing that dies off because of a fad like the Wii, but rather enhances the video game experience for those that can’t always play games at the house. This is why people would rather have Nintendo make a literal successor to the Switch and its hybrid nature.

    1. screw vr and screw duel screens, they are not going to go with vr ever and they are never brining back dual screens, it’s not necessary

  10. You ask new things, …

    Wireless HDMI/DisplayPort
    Solar battery/Hybrid
    Wireless Battery Charger
    Screen Display Projector
    Screen Light electric charger “Charge battery with screen light”.
    100% no wire/cable
    GameCard Amiibo style. “Nom need to insert GameCard, in a console, you just place it near the console”.

  11. At this point, Nintendo should make a new dock that’s similar to the N64’s expansion pak. Especially if the Switch is gonna be around for another 5-7 years. Probably won’t, though. I can see Ninty being stubborn to the point the next system they release will be two gens behind everyone else. Get use to cloud games on Nintendo systems, guys. It’s only gonna get worse.

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