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Dragon Quest series producer has left Square Enix

In a blow to both Square Enix and Dragon Quest fans, Ryota Aomi, the producer behind Dragon Quest games, has announced that he has departed Square Enix. Mr. Aomi said in a message to fans published on his Twitter account that he has begun a ‘new adventure” at another video game company and that he will share more details on that soon. Mr. Aomi also thanked Dragon Quest series creator Yuji Horii, character designer Akira Toriyama, and late composer Koichi Sugiyama.Ryota Aomi worked on the Dragon Quest series since 2013. You can read his leaving message down below.

“I, [Ryota] Aomi, have left Square Enix. I apologise to everyone for this sudden announcement. I’ve been at Square Enix for 13 years, and have worked on Dragon Quest for 16 years including the development period at my last job. [Working on] Dragon Quest was a dream of mine since elementary school. Every day was truly another tale. I’ve now begun a ‘new adventure‘ at the next company. I’d like to tell you all about where I’m at and what I’m doing, so please wait just a little longer.”

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2 thoughts on “Dragon Quest series producer has left Square Enix”

  1. I wonder who the other company is? Well the way Microsoft buying up everything I wouldn’t be surprised if it was them.

    1. Regardless it sounds like he is ecstatic about his new position and most likely game he is working on. Sucks about dragon quest and hope they can continue the series being as good if not better than I has been and I also hope it doesn’t go the way FF has.

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