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Microsoft signs deal with Ubitus who provide cloud streaming tech on Switch for Call of Duty franchise

The Verge is reporting this afternoon that Ubitus, which is described as a white-label cloud gaming service that has helped publishers stream their games to Nintendo Switch via the cloud, has now signed the fourth deal with Microsoft for the Call of Duty franchise. The site notes that the cloud streaming company has brought Control to the Nintendo Switch via its cloud streaming platform and also Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and the Resident Evil games. Of course all of the deals depend on whether Microsoft’s proposed Activision-Blizzard merger is approved by regulators.

11 thoughts on “Microsoft signs deal with Ubitus who provide cloud streaming tech on Switch for Call of Duty franchise”

  1. roflmaaaooo, I’m a frickin’ oracle.
    Called that shit before even checking a rumour. Piece of shit mindset receives a piece of shit method of delivery.
    F*** streaming games, ESPECIALLY on a portable-ass Nintendo Switch.

  2. How is it that CDPR, Crytek and id Software puts effort in porting their games to Switch? Activision really wants to put zero effort just to make more money.

  3. I think you guys are panicking way too early, heck even MS said about bringing CoD to the Switch natively.

    Also as far i know this company doesn’t work exclusively with the Switch, they also offer cloud solutions on other devices and services less know to most people. Knowing Microsoft is expand access to their Game Pass catalog to beyond just Xbox/PC this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

    1. Exactly, there is no way call of duty is going to be cloud based. It just doesn’t work tech wise. It would work single player fine but with multi the lag would be crazy.I think this is why Dying Light 2 for Switch cloud was basically cancelled. The lag is just way too much for a fast twitch shooter like COD. You have button lag, screen lag, and throw in multiplayer lag and forget about it!

  4. Since Nintendo refuses to make a good console , we just have to wait until the entire video game industry becomes cloud streaming.

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