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Aonuma says Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom has “new gameplay that will bring changes to game world”

Link in the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom is just a couple of months away. There is a lot of excitement for the game, but Nintendo has been strict with just what they reveal about it. However, that didn’t stop Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma from teasing something last week.

You see, Aonuma was at Famitsu’s Dengeki Game Awards a week ago. The game’s pre-launch excitement is so great that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom won the award for “Most Anticipated”. Aonuma, in response, delivered a brief speech at the event. The speech was translated by Twitter user and YouTuber Genki_JPN, who was among those in attendance.

Although their tweet relaying the news is no longer available to view, they mentioned that Aonuma said that “in the sequel, Tears of the Kingdom, furthermore, the players free imagination will be filled with new gameplay that will bring about changes to the game world”.

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24 thoughts on “Aonuma says Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom has “new gameplay that will bring changes to game world””

  1. Why are they being so silent about all of the supposed new content? We’re less than 2 months away, and I still don’t see anything that makes me wanna spend the premium price.

        1. Well, anything that spoils someone’s experience is, by definition, a spoiler. So I’d argue both of these things are “actual spoilers”.

          Really just depends on who the person is you’re showing them to, since spoilers are always subjective.

        2. Nintendo’s really good at making me less and less hyped for this game. I think everyone should just wait until it’s on sale for $60 or less now… but obviously, they won’t.

          1. I think so too, because buying a single game for $70 that’s “worth the money” is only going to encourage more devs to charge for that price, and then pretty soon it’ll be the new standard.

            1. If the words of an industry veteran like Sakurai are anything to go by, 60 apparently is already being generous considering how expensive productions like Totk are. It’s going to happen regardless if Nintendo charged 70 for this game, in fact, in other countries the price increase is already a thing.

              1. If we’re going to go by the time and effort argument and work compensation argument, I am really not convinced that charging an extra $10 for these games is going to drastically improve the work environment, and all of that extra profit is instead going to get into the pockets of the executives. From what I’ve been told, these teams are paid a predetermined amount, and they’re not going to get paid more regardless if a game flops or a title like MK8 makes billions and each developer would be set for life based on that amount. Idk about all of these other companies, but Nintendo specifically is definitely not hurting in money and can afford to pay their workers a fair wage. Games that are on the level of BoTW TOK hype are pretty much guaranteed to exceed well beyond their development budget by the amount of preorders it’s going to get, and if the game developers’ pay was scaled by sales instead of a predetermined amount, I am 100% convinced the amount they make would justify the amount of work they put in. I’m just not convinced that we’re in a place where games should be $70 now. They’re already squeezing the playerbase’s wallets with game after game having DLC that costs about half as much as the base game for MAYBE 10% of the content on these huge triple A titles, and you can bet BoTW TOK is going to be one of those titles getting DLC. So are games going to be $70 due to inflation eventually? Absolutely. Does it need to happen now? Absolutely not. From what I see, the problem is CEOs being too greedy, not the amount of money that’s flowing in.

          2. That’s you, I’m far more excited precisely because they are keeping things well hidden, and thus I can get excited when i discover the new freatures, as oppose to show them all to me and ruin the surprise.

  2. Aonuma: Tears of the Kingdom has new gameplay that will bring changes to the game world
    Fans: Can we see it?
    Aonuma: … No.

  3. Hopefully the ability to repair weapons is one of the changes, if they didn’t remove breakable weapons altogether. I mean, if part of the game will be repairing the Master Sword, I see no reason it can’t also be a gameplay mechanic for other weapons.

  4. IIRC for the first game they didn’t even show us the divine beasts in the trailers. We saw a little bit inside of them and one shot of Vah Naboris’s foot but nothing that told us the dungeons were going to be inside giant robots. They’re just doing the same thing again with the new trailers. Be patient, we’ve waited this long and we can wait a little longer.

    1. Unfortunately, this generation has become incredibly impatient. Like, you said, even in the original showcasing of Botw, Nintendo still only showed small snippets of the game, it’s not different here, and besides, we did get a bunch of interesting stuff, new enemies and enemy variants, vehicle creation, undergrown sections and obviously more of the sky section, why are people wanting to get spoiled on all the gameplay aspects? I think seeing some of these new mechanics by ourselves is far more exciting.

  5. The traveling and skydiving between skyworld and land seems fun but i hope it doesn’t get played out and repetitive. Wonder what other secrets they’re holding onto. We’ve seen the transporting through solids, i wonder how that skill will branch out.

  6. this game looks so lame. also “free imagination will be filled with new gameplay that will bring about changes to the game world” is a bunch of gibberish. Of course this game will have new gameplay, it’s a new game.

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