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Jeff Grubb’s hearing “early rumblings” of a Direct of some kind in July

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Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony typically have presentations of some kind around this time of year. Sony held a PlayStation Showcase last month, and Microsoft will be having their presentation on Sunday. Nintendo, however, has been very quiet on their annual summer presentation, including whether they will even have a Direct at all.

Well, we may be beginning to understand why. Jeff Grubb recently made an appearance on an episode of the Giant Bombcast. There, he revealed that he has heard “early rumblings” of a Direct of some kind. He doesn’t know whether it will be a Mini, Partner or general Direct. Regardless of what the Direct is, Grubb says that he heard that the Direct would be happening in July. You can see what he said about the matter down below.

10 thoughts on “Jeff Grubb’s hearing “early rumblings” of a Direct of some kind in July”

  1. Calling it right now it’s probably gonna be the same as last year, partner showcase, and regular direct September as usual (especially since theirs been mention of switch getting more third party content this year).

    1. Maybe,but assuming there is no twitter/YouTube trailer announcements in June or July there has to be a regular Nintendo Direct before August as we have no First-Party software announced after Pikmin 4.

  2. A direct sometime before September makes a lot of sense to me this year. (Every first party 2022 game was announced already after the February 2022 direct, so it made sense to skip the normal summer direct that year.) Whatever games they have for the holidays this year would probably benefit from being announced more than two months in advance (and not in tweets)

  3. There won’t be a usual direct until September, but you can expect a partner showcase of some king before August, plus a Pokemon presents early August.

  4. I’m sorry but Jeff Grubb is talking out of his teeth, because the Nintendo Direct will be on June 21st

    1. It’s literally clear as day, that Nintendo hinted a direct right in front of our faces. Especially when they haven’t given us a lot of details about Pikmin 4.

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