Ubisoft Promises New Announcement This Week

Aymeric Evennou, the International Product Manager at Ubisoft Paris, has told fans on Twitter that they should brace themselves for a new announcement sometime this week. Techland could be involved, which would suggest that it could be a new Call of Juarez title.

44 thoughts on “Ubisoft Promises New Announcement This Week”

  1. Just prance for wiiU. You get a free Mario ballerina costume if you preorder it so you can dance to your favourite Nintendo songs!


        1. I disagree…alot, but im not going into that. Unless you meant Take Two overall, to which id say 2K are a good company.

          Id say Ubisoft and Konami/Kojima are my favourite, and EA hire alot of good developers too, like Bioware


  2. Fuck Call of Juarez, GIMME BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL 2!!

    I suspect its either that leaked “possible prince of persia reboot”, that french RPG we saw yesterday (Ubi is based in the same place as the supposed developer), or *sigh* Call of Juarez -________-


          1. Wow, at least you had an excuse as an American, now you just look stupid. Let me guess, you’re either unemployed, a dead beat or under 16 seeing as school dont start again till tomorrow (shall thank you little brother for that information, who 13 and probably more mature than you’ll ever be)


  3. I’m drunk right now, stumped right now, trying to figure out how to get 4 chicks to sit on 1 chair? Oh yeah turn the chair upside down. Upside down!!!


  4. If it is a Call of Juarez, hopefully it won’t be as crap as the last game, that was just awful… Maybe a Assassin’s Creed 2 (2, Brotherhood, Revelations) collection for Wii U?


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