Video: Here’s A Look At Bravely Second ‘New Jobs’

Nintendo UK has released a brand new video for the forthcoming Bravely Second: End Layer on the Nintendo 3DS. The video takes an extensive look at the variety of jobs on offer in the massive JRPG. Our review of the game will be coming soon, but for now here’s a look at the new jobs that feature in Bravely Second: End Layer:

  • Guardian – Uses soul power to unleash powerful attacks.
  • Exorcist – Reverts HP/MP to a previous turn.
  • Wizard – Adept in spirit magic and spellcraft.
  • Charioteer – Arms proficiency improves in battle.
  • Catmancer – Learns certain monster abilities.
  • Patissier – Undermines foes with deadly desserts.
  • Bishop – Chants spells twice to double their potency.
  • Fencer – Changes stances to improve their attacks.
  • Astrologian – Uses astral magic to boost the party.

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Retro Studios Currently Hiring For A Number Of Positions

We never did get our Retro Studios game at the Nintendo E3 Digital Event, but that doesn’t mean the development studio is sitting idly twiddling their thumbs. If you’ve been following Nintendo of America’s job opening Twitter account you will have noticed that there have been a number of positions open at the acclaimed development studio. It seems reasonably likely that their next project will be for Nintendo’s next platform which is codenamed NX. Development on their last game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze ended in November 2013.

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Retro Studios Is Hiring For A Variety Of Positions Including A Tools Engineer

Acclaimed development studio Retro Studios has begun advertising for a variety of jobs presumably for their next project. The positions include a Tools Engineer and FX Artist, Senior Tools Engineer, Ai Engineer and Gameplay Engineer. Retro Studios last project was the fantastic Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, so it will be interesting to see what they choose to do next.

Nintendo Of America Is On A Massive Hiring Spree

It looks as though Nintendo of America is currently on a massive hiring spree with the official Nintendo jobs Twitter account and the Jobs Classification page posting a whopping 37 new vacancies within the company. A selection of positions within the company include a Software Support Engineer, IT Architect, Business Analyst, eShop Merchant and Programmer.

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Nintendo Posts Job Listing For IT Architect After eShop Outage

Nintendo of America have just posted a job listing for an IT architect which comes shortly after the unfortunate eShop outage that hit Nintendo fans over the Christmas period. The new IT job position with Nintendo of America includes plenty of core duties including providing support and troubleshooting of prior developed technology solutions. Here’s the job description.

  • Researches and assesses advanced approaches to designing technology systems and applies to current business context.
  • Defines standards and design parameters for technology areas or projects, and reviews adherence to standards and principles as required.
  • Designs and develops frameworks for technologies, and detailed implementations when required.
  • Provides technical oversight for engineering and operations activities.
  • Optimizes systems design across technology areas for future flexibility, performance, multi-tier behaviors, capacity, and scalability.
  • May supervise the activities of others.
  • Provides support and troubleshooting of prior developed technology solutions.
  • Ensures work is completed in such a way to comply with established compliance and other internal control requirements.

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