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GameStop Persuaded Nintendo To Release Xenoblade Chronicles In The United States?

Apparently US gaming emporium GameStop reached out to Nintendo and persuaded them to release Xenoblade Chronicles in the United States according to an anonymous source. The source also claimed that GameStop is aiding with publishing costs for the game.

The same source also revealed that Nintendo of America will be looking closely at Xenoblade Chronicles pre-orders before committing to releasing The Last Story in the US. Apparently pre-orders for Xenoblade Chronicles are not doing as well as Nintendo had expected.

Amazon Cancels All Monado (Xenoblade Chronicles) Pre-Orders

Amazon has informed customers that pre-ordered Monado that their pre-orders have been cancelled. Xenoblade Chronicles will only be sold in North America via Nintendo’s online shop or GameStop. Xenoblade Chronicles is scheduled to be released in April in North America and is available to purchase now in Europe.


We’re contacting you about order #104-1665660-1281053 for “Monado: Beginning of the World.” We recently learned that we won’t be able to offer the game directly from Amazon.com. We’re very sorry about this.

As a result, we’ve canceled your order and you have not been charged. We appreciate that you chose Amazon.com to pre-order “Monado: Beginning of the World,” and are sorry that we were unable to fulfill the order.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.