Phoenix Wright: Justice For All


As has been the case for the past couple of weeks, Nintendo news has been rather scarce on the ground. So scarce infact that even the rumours have subsided…

To add to this, I have just received my University grades and am currently in mandatory celebratory mode (wohoo!). Therefore today I have decided to leave you all with a sneak preview of the upcoming Phoenix Wright 2: Justice For All, which is set to be released on the Nintendo Ds.

Enjoy :)

Phoenix Wright 2: Justice For All

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  1. Spoilers!

    Looks brilliant, I really should purchase the original (well, European original, there have been more out in Japan).

  2. Ha, yeah I should have possibly mentioned that the video does contain a few spoilers…

    I play the last Phoenix Wright game at work recently and thought it seemed like good fun, it was also quite gripping.

    If it appears as one of our deals of the week then I’m certainly going to snatch it up


  3. I finished the first so Im not going to click that link and spoil the fun for the 2nd game , thanks all the same.

    Supposes I wanted to type this up more in a way to congratulate you for getting such high grades in university, which Im assuming by your positive entry . :)

    I still got another year of college so good luck with the real world ,suppose GAME was only a temp job for you or soemthing while you finished uni so great !

  4. Ha, thanks.

    I’m quite happy at working at the store for the moment though of course I have my eyes on other things at the moment.

    I had an interview for Sega-Europe but due to them wanting me to relocate and other personal reasons it was a no go.

    But, as I say I’m quite content where I am for the minute, plus I realy want to be at the store for the run up to the Wii launch… Thats going to be an amazing experience.


  5. You got a proposal from sega of europe? Thats my dream job ever since I could remember . Wow thats really cool.

    And I know what you mean , should prove handy to be behind the scenes for the wii launch , I know I would be very excited . As it is I will only be waiting the outside on that friday, and try to drag some friends along too if its at midnight for the spirit of it ,I do have 1 other mate that wants a wii too!

    Keep it up .:)

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