Ds Lite’s European Launch

It didn’t set the world on fire, but I don’t think we were expecting it to,

– Dorian Bloch, ChartTrack.

With many an eager Nintendo fan sprinting towards their local games emporium Friday June 23rd, just how well did the Ds Lite do at launch?

Expectations for the system to sell out due to stock shortages at the Ds Lite’s launch were rife, but it now appears this wasn’t the case. The official figures from ChartTrack show that the redesigned system sold in the region of 35,000 units on its debut weekend in the United Kingdom, which many are citing as barely spectacular mainly due to the recent situation in Japan regarding the popularity of the portable.

As I’m sure a lot of you are aware, Nintendo fortunately graced us Europeans with two different colour schemes for the console; both ‘Apple’ white and ‘Gloss’ black, which left many customer asking ‘Which version to purchase?’ Well it seems both colours were neck and neck with each other throughout the launch, as according to ChartTrack sales were split 50/50 between the two versions.

In response to the DS Lite’s ‘unspectacular’ Uk Launch, ChartTracks Dorian Block had this to say: “You can call it good as they’ve managed to sell 35,000 even though the football’s on. I tend to think it doesn’t make much difference to what the year total will be, because those who haven’t bought it yet will buy it as soon as their attention has moved on from something else.

As it stands by all accounts it wasn’t the launch Nintendo hoped it would be, but with the New Super Mario Bros receiving excellent reviews and due for release here on Friday (30 June) customers may just find themselves trailing from store to store next week, in the search of that elusive black or white Ds Lite…



  1. I reckon if they put the Lite in a bundle with New Super Mario Bros., people who dont own one and who are off to get NSMB will see the pack and it will push them over the edge. I also think a Brain Training pack will let fashion consious nongamers convince themselves on the purchase. Both packs should be £110

  2. I think the timing of the launch was appalling. There were no major software releases on the day of the console launch. New Super Mario Bros comes out a week later, which is a very stupid move. the console should have either been delayed, or the games’ release brought forward. Brain training should have been kept for the Lites’ release too.

  3. Thats still great I certainly like my black lite more everyday !

    Cant wait to get the new super mario bros and electroplacton , just hope I can save up for both of them . :)

  4. I have to say I also think the launch should have been delayed to coincide with the launch of New Super Mario Bros.

    I’m currently unsure as to why Nintendo launched the system a week before the games release.

    But I cant complain, like the rest of you I’m very content with my shiny white Ds Lite, and having to wait a week longer could have turned into agony lol.

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