Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Will Replace All Defective Wrist Straps


Nintendo have responded to gamers qualms about broken, or defective wrist-straps for its Nintendo Wii console by issuing out replacements.

Media reports yesterday suggested that broken straps were a widespread problem with the device, but Nintendo responded saying that ‘the straps do not present a problem if used correctly, but will replace all broken ones for free’.

No information has yet surfaced on how gamers can return their broken or defective wrist-straps, but the company is set to replace all those that warrent a replacement free of charge.



  1. I’ve heard about this too. I’m taking midterm tests right now, so I can’t really update too much on my site. I found a statement from Nintendo clearing everything up. I even have the link to the page to register to get new wrist straps. Here you go!

    “As of Monday, anyone who has any problems or concerns about the integrity of their Wii Remote wrist straps can call Nintendo Customer Services for a replacement strap. This is not a product recall. The current wrist strap is fine – it has passed all safely standards and does the job. This is simply a precaution because we are aware of the concerns over their safety. All new Wii Remotes and Wii consoles will ship with the new, thicker wrist strap. Even though the original straps are perfectly adequate for normal play, we can’t control the exuberance of players.” – Nintendo representative

    That’s the quote from Nintendo and here the link to the registration :

  2. I dont think people care about the wrist straps…I think it’s their TVs that theyre most concerned about….

    Anyway…at least Nintendo are replacing them…I had a tough time getting a replacement for a faulty xbox lead…

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