Nintendo Wii: Friend Codes May Plague The Nintendo Wii


Those devilishly annoying, and ultimately unpractical friend codes may be set to make an unwelcome appearance on the Nintendo Wii.

The news comes as revered online gaming publication IGN previewed the latest edition to the popular Pokemon franchise; Battle Revolution, which the publication reveals has its own unwarranted separate friend code system.

As any of you who own a Ds will be aware, getting online with the system feels like a draconian process; with each game having its own individual code for online play. I for one hoped this would be eradicated, but ultimately it appears not…



  1. I think it may be up to the developer on this one. As on Elebits, which lets you send maps to others, it lets you select people from your Wii’s friend list, not needing a seperate code.
    But i dont know why a developer would choose to make things more impractical.

  2. Very hopefully, Jay. I though Nintendo had sorted out multiple friend codes with the Wii, I seriously hope they have.

  3. Wow, I hope this isn’t going to be the standard for all games. I was hoping so much that Nintendo would announce an “Xbox Live” online experience, but sadly, that day never came. :(

    All I can say is that they better stick to, AT LEAST, the Wii system codes.

  4. Yep, quite annoying. One code was already too many.

    And 16 digits? I know Pi to like 70 digits…but thats really painful, 16 digits is just as annoying.

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