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Nintendo 3DS: Team Ninja Want To Make A 3D Designed Game

Team Ninja producer Yosuke Hayashi told Nintendo president Satoru Iwata that he would love to make a Nintendo 3DS game that was firmly designed with 3D in mind. Apparently Hayashi was inspired by Shigeru Miyamoto’s comments regarding Super Mario 3D which will utilise the 3D visuals on the Nintendo 3DS so that gamers can precisely judge jump distances in the game.

“While I don’t know exactly when I will land any such future projects, I think the challenge of the games I make from now on will be quite rewarding…As a gamer myself, I’m looking forward to seeing what kinds of new games will appear for the Nintendo 3DS system. And as a developer, I want to challenge myself in the kinds of games that I make.”

– Yosuke Hayashi , Team Ninja


13 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Team Ninja Want To Make A 3D Designed Game”

    1. Oh come on. Other M was a great game; why is everyone whining about it? It pisses me off to see someone crying about the game every time you see “Team Ninja” in an article. There are a ton of games that are great but didn’t live up to potential, yet Metroid fans seem to be the only ones who whine all the time about it.

      1. why do people get so bent outta shape about that? NINTENDO was incharge of everything…not team ninja

      2. Yay, we’re not alone in that thought! ^_^ It’s not perfect, but they didn’t “ruin the series” by any means.

        Somebody just needs to make a fan movie depicting the Samus they wanted to see so they can finally have it. While we’re at it, let’s have the lifelike Link make a cameo. Take care of all the complaints in one fell swoop.

          1. No. There are people who believe Twilight Princess didn’t go far enough. Considering the fact that The Legend of Zelda was never meant to look absolutely realistic, a fan should just feature “Mature/Hardcore” Link (whatever :P ) in this fictional fan movie with Madame Chief (My way of saying female Master Cheif, which apparently people will only accept) so they can exist and these people will have a reason to shut up.

  1. I believe they made a great job with Other M, i hope a port will be made for those who didnt experience the game

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  3. I’m a huge Metroid fan and I think Other M is way better than a lot of Metroid games cough Hunters cough cough

    1. hunters was great though i can’t say i only played download play with my brothers when we went on vacation… at the time i only had mario kart and worms open warfare.

  4. Why is everyone complaining about Other M just because it told a story and gave her a personality. You want her to be a mindless silent cyborg with no background like master chief. You guyz are pathetic. I loved the game and would play it over a few more times.

  5. I don’t want her to be a mindless cyborg at all, thanks. Metroid is actually my favourite series. If you’re cool with turning one of the most iconic, strong, independent, protagonist women in gaming, if not the only one, into a whiny stereotype who can’t do anything without a man authorising it, then fine. Have fun with Metroid: Cutscene, Return of the Easy Gameplay.

  6. Oh and Hunters was fun multiplayer, but the story mode was just all the multiplayer rooms joined together by some chambers.

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