Nintendo Wii U: Wii U Tablet Controllers May Not Be Sold Separately According To Nintendo Rep

If you’re looking to play multiplayer games on the Wii U then it’s time to dig out those spare Wii Remotes as according to a spokesperson for Nintendo the Wii U will come with one tablet controller. The controller itself won’t be available to purchase separately (possibly due to cost). So, if you’ve got a bunch of friends coming round in 2012 dying to play some Smash Brothers Wii U multiplayer then it’s time to bring out those Wii Remotes and Classic Controllers.

“Both the controller and the console will be sold as one unit. You won’t be able to buy the controller alone.”

– Nintendo representative



  1. that’s a bit of a shame. but i guess they must have their reasons to do so.
    I’m buying this console regardless.
    I’m probably the only one playing it anyway.

    1. Send it to Nintendo to get fixed.

      Anyway, I like this. The controller would obviously cost a lot, and I’ve bought plenty of controllers for the Wii, and they won’t go out of use.

  2. So what if I were to break mine? There should be some way of getting a new one without buying a whole new set.

  3. i’m ok with this.

    buying one of these by itself would be too costly, and most people that are getting this already have a wii and wii remotes, which are versatile controllers in themselves, obviously.

  4. This makes sense when you think of the name.
    Wii U. We You.
    In the logo, the U is in a blue square shaped like the tablet controller.
    That indicates that YOU (one person) plays with the controller while everyone else (WE) plays with the Wiimotes.

  5. That’s… a bad move. Seriously, with all the excitement, you’d thing they would be able to do great things with multiple Wii U controllers, but now what? Nintendo is usually known for local multiplayer fun, but you can’t expect people to use the wii remotes to play Smash Bros. I like the idea and prospect of it, but this is bad. I hope this is just some mistake or something. Nintendo is going to miss out on some co-op gameplay from 3rd parties.

  6. That is a HUGE disappointment!!!! It doesn’t make sense!! I’m a BIG Nintendo fan and if I feel this way I can see people coming out of the woodwork to bash this decision! Lot of games just lost their appeal! :(

  7. As long as I can bring my Wii U controller to my friends house to do some multiplayer action and have awesome/free tech support in case my controller breaks/malfunction then I can be ok with this.

  8. I barely play with friends anyway, so i wouldn’t need an extra one

    i guess that means i have to be careful with it so it doesn’t break

  9. No. Thats not good at all. My main reason for buying it was local multiplayer – this sort of says that it isn´t possible with more controllers on one console.

    1. Go play your Halo ring of death system or your infamous hack machine 3 you fanboy. I personally can’t wait. Going back to the way games were ment to be played. BY YOUR SELF. No more of this Co-op garbage or gaming online.

  10. Think about the power it would take to stream four different games to four different controllers at the same time as rendering an HD image on TV without lag. The console would cost thousands.

  11. Im a huge nintendo fan, but i gotta admit its a bit dissapointing. There goes my dream of 7+ people multiplayer in the same room without split screen lol. Still gonna be a great system and loads of fun though

    1. You know you could you know play online you know or set up a LAN party. The only thing really stopping you is money.

  12. I honestly think this is wrong… Or its too early to call… I think this is more of a warning meaning that the controller cost a LOT of money. honestly, people will pay 100 dollars for something like this

  13. Then we better be able to use the GC controllers, b/c I don’t do Smash with the Wii-mote. Disappointing news…Figure this out Nintendo

    1. I guess they didn’t read the fine print that says:

      “So, if you’ve got a bunch of friends coming round in 2012 dying to play some Smash Brothers Wii U multiplayer then it’s time to bring out those Wii Remotes and [[Classic Controllers]].”

  14. Guess that means no chucking the remote at the wall during those frustrating in-game moments, haha…

  15. Meh, I usually have a controller that is MY controller (kind of like having that chair in a room that is YOUR chair and NO ONE else is to sit in it) and Wii U pad will be that. The concerns about it breaking and needing to replace them makes sense…well, more so them malfunctioning.

    …it would have to be a freak accident or knuckleheadry for it to be broken…the angry controller slam, knocking over drink, sitting on it, putting it in the reach of children, sitting a plate or something on top of it and so on.

    Selling extras would having them priced high though. It wouldn’t be like buying just another back up controller or something. You’d probably be talking cash that could’ve been put on another game or two.

  16. I figured the whole point was doing gameplay like Zelda Four Swords (they even mentioned free copies in the keynote), i.e. people being able to play in different locations within the same game. That would be a big win. But just one of these seems like the complete opposite of a good multiplayer experience. You are enforcing inequality.

  17. Me and my friends already had this dream of bringing a single console to school and playing smash bros on our controllers during lunch, without the need for a tv set. I guess this ruins that dream :(

  18. Good, why would we need to buy an expensive controller like that again? I kind of like this set up.

  19. i didn’t think the price would keep nintendo from selling the controller separately. maybe they’ll change their minds before the Wii U is launched?

  20. This is a genius idea! I have 4 wiimotes and I kept thinking about how much the Wii u controller would cost. Very Smart Nintendo!

  21. I actually like this idea, and it makes sense. I mean why would you need more than one of these things? From the demos I have seen, the controller is for the fifth player and can be used solo. I haven’t seen anything that will require 2 of these. Plus, many are familiar with the Wii Remotes and the other accessories. The only problem is Smash Bros. so I guess I should get better with the classic controller.

  22. Why are people complaining? Some have only seen the controller and they’ve already stated that they rather keep playing with classic controllers then buy a tablet controller.

  23. I’ve lost count of the dissapointments. Local multiplayer, but only one person gets the screen? How logical! Now when two people play on the same system, one will be at a disadvantage!

    Nintendo keeps hitting home runs! Pure genius! *sarcastic thumbs up with big smile*

  24. huge disappointment if it cant do 2 or even 4 players with each having their own wiiu controller.

    the main excuse people offer up in defending the fact that you can only use one is how much power it would use.

    firstly, consoles already render 4 screens in hd. Thats what split screen is.

    if nintendo were smart, they would find a way for the console to output in 480p when people are doing multiplayer with multiple wiiu controllers, which could lower the amount of data sent to the controllers, possibly enabling 4 player support.

    what sense does it make to send an hd image to a device with a screen that probably doesnt even do 720p

    by sending 480p images to the controllers…you lower the amount of data being sent….it still looks good because the screens arent that big……and for the television…you display nothing but a simple map………if its mariokart…a map of the track…..if its an fps…a map of the stage

    sending a 1080p quality image to the controller with no visible lag is impressive…but nintendo needs to figure out how to find a way to get the system to stream content to 4 controllers….hopefully lowering the quality of the image in order to do so can solve that problem

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