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Nintendo: Check Out Korea’s Favourite Pokemon

The official Korean Pokemon website asked Pokemon fans to vote for their all-time favourite Pokemon. Clearly there was a ridiculous amount of cute and adorable Pokemon to choose from but they successfully managed to select their favourite ten. What do you think to their selection?

  1. Rayquaza
  2. Ditto
  3. Pikachu
  4. Kyogre
  5. Regigigas
  6. Groudon
  7. Giratina
  8. Charizard
  9. Lugia
  10. Garchomp



70 thoughts on “Nintendo: Check Out Korea’s Favourite Pokemon”

        1. Personally I don’t like the games from 3rd gen onwards as much. Honestly I think it’s a combination of the main characters designs and to some extent, the pokemon’s design too. I really hated the in-depth story of Black/White and the interface/battles looks really sloppy to me. The battle ANIMATIONS, looked the best in the series though. I just want them to do something different now, instead of “Stop the bad guys while becoming the League champ”. Why can’t we play as a slightly more mature character for a change? Start out as Pokemon breeder and take your have ‘mon along with you? It’s not hard to think of something different to make it seem like you’re actually playing a NEW game in the series… *sigh* lol :)

    1. Heck yes! Rayquaza was always one of the hardest legendaries to catch, and is just awesome :D I’ve played all of the games, but Rayquaza was the best legendary out of all of em! I still have the same Rayquaza that I caught in Emerald version, all those years ago XD

      1. Ehh, never had much trouble with rayquaza. For some reason articuno always gave me the most trouble for some reason out of all the legendaries I’ve caught.

  1. Let’s see… mostly legendaries, the mascot of the franchise, the must-have breeder, and Charizard and Garchomp. Seems about right. (Rayquaza is my favorite, too)

    1. You mean the most over-marketed, overused, and insanely average pokemon should deserve the number #1 spot? What drug are you smoking?

      1. BroBuzz: I could have said “same to you” about legendaries Smartmouth.

        And Im just saying pikachu should be in number one spot because alot of people stopped after first gen.

    1. Seconded. My favorite pokemon of all time. Nothing can dethrone her. As for the Eeveeutions, that’s another story… I can’t seem to pick one.

  2. Really don’t like a lot of those, I tend to overlook the legendary pokemon just because I’ve seen them SO MANY TIMES battling online. But with that aside, the ones I don’t like from the twist are Kyogre, Regigigas, Giratina and Garchomp. Those Pokemon never appealed to me. Quite a generic list, though I’m surprised to see Ditto on there! :)

  3. I would’ve thought Mewtwo would be in that list somewhere.

    I agree with some of the pokemon in the top 10.

  4. im a old school pokemon fan my fave will always be abra cuz it was a challenge just to catch one with out it teleporting away.

  5. Lol at all the first gen elitists. Arceus knows, Voltorb, Electrode, Jynx, Mr. Mime, Exeggcute, Exeggutor, Grimer, and Muk were SO creative and so much less “ugly” than the pokemon from gen 3 on. And Ekans and Arbok. They’re just purple snakes. Come on people.

  6. My three all time favorite Pokemon in order is

    1) Gengar
    2) Rayquaza
    3) Minun (I know, random right?)

    I do like Ditto, although I’ve never used him in any games, interesting. DId you see IGN’s 100 Most loved Pokemon? That was voted by millions all of the world I believe.

    1. Why? You really think that in a world as diverse as Pokemon’s, that there should be no pantheon? That the different regions shouldn’t have their own legends and myths? Or are you one of those that thinks that there shouldn’t have been anymore regions, and that Nintendo and Game Freak should have ended the super popular, multi-million dollar franchise after Celebi?

  7. My favourite pokemon is Heracross. The mightiest of bug pokemon and strong enough to single-handedly take down 90% of the Pokemon library. Awesome moveset and cool design. If a game doesn’t have Heracross available I’m not interested. Gots to have it.

    Second place goes to Blaziken. Who knew that little fire chicken would grow up to be such a badass. Design even cooler than Heracross. The second must have Pokemon on my list.

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