Deadmau5 Gets Shigeru Miyamoto’s Signature Tattooed Onto His Arm

Popular DJ Deadmau5 has had Shigeru Miyamoto’s signature tattooed onto his arm after meeting the legendary games designer at last night’s Spike Video Game Awards. Shigeru Miyamoto was in attendance to collect the Hall of Fame award for the Legend of Zelda series. Here’s what Deadmau5 wrote on Facebook

yey! Shigeru Miyamoto’s signature now permantly etched on my arm! acheivement unlocked. can die happy.



      1. That is a very fresh tattoo. A tattoo is introducing ink into your body and a needle puncture over and over in the same area, It’s going to swell and turn red for up to a week usually. if you’re lucky it goes down and back to normal before a week,

  1. deadmau5 hates being called a DJ by the way. I heard him say while he was streaming that a guy was going to give him that tattoo… it’s awesome.

        1. Nope, they’re Zelda related. I’m sure he’s had them before Minecraft surfaced and, if you ask me, Zelda’s the first thing that would come to mind when seeing that tat. Expecially since he has other classic video game tattoos which would direct me to the classic and not the recent minecraft. :P

          1. Well, I was in dubio for a while too, then I googled “deadmau5 minecraft tatoo” and I got a link of an old livestream where he showed the internet how he got a Minecraft health bar tattooed on his right arm.
            Also, original Zelda health bar had no black outline.

            But, then again, Notch “took” the idea from Zelda.

    1. He’s a true gamer. Not a fanboy. Hes also developing a game for a ps vita exclusive. He loves games no matter who makes them.

  2. I feel like that would be something I would do if I didn’t care where on my body I got tattooed, had the money for a tattoo, and could get to a shop in time xD

    Also, Nintendo games don’t have achievements, do they?

    1. Most Nintendo games have the “achievements” unique to the games. Whether they did this because they really believe that games should decide their own achievements, or that they did this to compensate for the fact that the Wii, which competed with the other two achievement-loaded systems, doesn’t do achievements, is left to debate.

    2. Becky, He has friends who do his tattoos for him. He doesn’t need top go to a store, they just come over to his house or studio or wherever he’s at at the time.

    1. Tiesto is overrated, Joel is certainly not overrated. Just because something is mainstream or you don’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s overrated.

  3. Was at his concert at the start of December in South Africa, he had awsum projected visuals of him (deadmau5) and mario, then him and tanooki mario playing the levels together in Super Mario Land.

  4. I really dont like that music at all but that is pretty cool that he got to have the signature tattoo’d! I’d do the same if any famous person I like did that lol.

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