Mario Party 9 For Wii Is Filled With Boss Battles

Nintendo has revealed that for the first time in the series history Mario Party 9 ends each stage with a Boss Battle. Once players have finished a stage they are tasked with cooperating together to banish the evil bosses littered throughout the game. Bowser and King Boo are two of the bosses Nintendo has revealed so far. Mario Party 9 is due for release in North America on March 11th.


  1. Huh, I wasn’t too excited about MP9 at first, but now…huh this is shaping up to be quite interesting. I may get this actually lol.

  2. Mario Party DS had boss battles, but they were only in Story Mode. I guess it can only be a good thing…

  3. sickr i need to ask a question why is club nintendo so slow today? my internet is fast and i just made an account but its so slow

    1. i have another question to will club nintendo release new games on their? there is nothing good on there and i wanted to buy something

      1. Seeing that these games expire on 1/10/2012 (Jan 10th), I’m thinking they will be replaced that day if not slightly earlier.

        Also, if you don’t like Fluidity, I feel bad for you. That’s the best Wiiware game on there (IMO of course).

        It’s probably slow because of everyone checking out the new rewards and ordering the new rewards.

        1. well i played the demo and liked it i dont want the full version i want to use my coins on something better nothing on there is good for me

    1. That’s getting old with every post regarding an arrow to the knee. You are one of the few people I know of that still says/shows it.

  4. Boss battles is a nice touch, but I would prefer they implement online play as the main feature. My family and I love to play these games but we all live in different cities.

    1. Could still be possible, we’ll see. I’ve been wanting this since MP8. But Wii doesn’t have the best online system. I hope 10 on Wii U will be online.

  5. Sort of like in Mario Party 4 then. Well if Bowser and King Boo are two bosses, I could see Bowser Jr as one, maybe Kamek and Petey Piranha!

  6. Thats great, they are taking ideas from the DS game that is actually a really good mario party game then what I had expected!

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