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THQ Is Working On Two Unannounced Wii U Games

THQ’s Senior Producer Evan Icenbice has revealed via his LinkedIn profile that he is currently managing three unannounced games for 2012. One of these games is exclusive to Wii U while the other title will be appearing on Wii U and other formats. We already know that THQ is developing Darksiders 2 and Metro: Last Light for Wii U.

  • 2012: TBD (Wii U/3DS/Wii/PS3/360)
  • TBD (Wii U)
  • TBD (360/PS3/Wii/DSi)

24 thoughts on “THQ Is Working On Two Unannounced Wii U Games”

      1. Bethesda made Skyrim THQ has been more known for the WWE games such as Smackdown vs Raw and the latest WWE ’12

      2. I was going to make fun at first but instead I will just help to educate you in hopes that you will one day pay-it-forward to someone else!

        THQ is a publisher. Publishers don’t make games. They basically pay for all of the physical media manufacturing costs(game discs and plastic boxes that the games come in that are shipped worldwide) and for the marketing(commercials, magazine articles, etc.) that you see and then get a percentage of the game’s profit.

        Developers are the people who actually MAKE the games. They’re the ones who build the engine that the game runs on and then build the world which is occupied by the characters which utilize the artificial intelligence they’ve created. These are the hard-working folks that are truly the reason why we enjoy the games we do.

        Skyrim is developed by Bethesda Game Studios.
        Skyrim is published by Bethesda Softworks.

        They have similar names because they’re both one in the same company. Kinda how like Left 4 Dead, Portal and Team Fortress 2 are all developed and published by VALVe Software, LLC.

        Here is a list of games that THQ has *PUBLISHED*:

        Hopefully that clears things up!
        • • •

        Unless Darksiders II and Metro: Last Light are still not “officially announced” those would be my two guesses. Otherwise, I’ll take a guess and say that one of those is Homefront 2.

    1. Spongebob was fantastic.

      Maybe ”South Park the Game”?
      It’s coming in Q4 2012 for X360, ps3 and pc, so Wii U is an option.

  1. OMG TBD Sounds amazing! Ha, but I really am excited to see what they’ll do, I’ve owned some THQ games…they’ve been shit for the most part but still there have been good ones. The exclusive Wii U one makes me very interested since they must have an idea that only the Wii U will be able to handle.

  2. The thing that I find the most interesting isn’t the exclusive , but the multi-platform game that’s on both the Wii AND Wii U.

  3. It’s gonna be South Park. Just calling it now. Might even be a port of Saints Row 3. But, it’ll probably end up being some stupid shovelware game. I hope it’s south park, that would be awesome.

  4. The multiplat one will be a licensed game. They have it listed for Wii and 3Ds, which means it’s a game for just about every format. The Wii U exclusive game could be either a new family-friendly IP or a game collection that appeared for the Udraw tablet on the Wii. I don’t think they will create a brand new AAA IP just for the Wii U considering they’re on the red. It could also be a Wii U version of Saints Row The Third.

  5. WWE13 is probably what the multiplat is. I’ll finally get to play a wrestling game where they don’t leave out features!

  6. This would be good news if i wasn’t worried that they might cancel everything and sell the studios in the coming year/s. I’m assuming one of them is darksiders 2. (they had previously mentioned it being a possible launch title) aannnd the other i would guess is the southpark game?? idk

    just hope they stay afloat.

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