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Popular UK Retailer GAME “Won’t Have Stock Of New Titles” Due To Credit

Popular UK games retailer GAME won’t be stocking new releases according to Now Gamer as the high street retailer has “lost credit assurance with most of its publishers.” The company has told the publication that it will be stocking this weeks new releases, but it remains to be seen whether this will continue. GAME has struggled in recent times to compete against the supermarkets and online retailers.

45 thoughts on “Popular UK Retailer GAME “Won’t Have Stock Of New Titles” Due To Credit”

  1. Cool story bro, needs more Nintendo :P

    Just kidding! … Haha. That sucks for GAME. Same thing happened to Whitcoulls in New Zealand. Cursed online retailing >.<

        1. yh exactly, wanted to go down to my local game, pick it up at midnight and get lots of streetpass hits and meet awesome people in the line and then do an unboxing video. now i cant do any of that unless some supermarket will do a midnight launch. please be a fake rumour

    1. I’ve always had great customer service from Nintendo. Sent my 3DS in for repairs twice (lower screen scratching my upper screen).

      Nintendo fixed it twice, no cost to me and reset my warranty.

      What happened to you? Maybe you got a bad rep on the phone? I’d call again and try to get someone different. :)

      1. When I tried to send mine in for the exact same reason they said that those scratches weren’t covered under the warranty. Gotta call them up and have a bitch about it.

    1. Dude that sucks! If you’re like me, you want the game on release day, not the day after, or you like to pick up the used game boxes before buying.

      I feel your pain!

    2. Sincw when? Last I looked there were 2 Gamestations within the city centre, that I can find. They never offered anything more than Game though, and to be honest, Tesco/Asda offered better deals on 3DS, and cheaper new games, than Game did.

      their own fault for being too much like the US GameStop.

  2. Doesn’t surprise me. The only shop near me that is more expensive than them is GameStop, and there selection is poor at best. Rather go to Tesco or Amazon and get the games for £5-10 cheaper, and more likely they’ll have what I’m looking for in stock.

  3. This is annoying – I buy almost solely from Game and Amazon – Game is always the cheapest for me as well as the only one having pre-order bonuses. They are still allowing pre-orders for any game with a release date or year though so I don’t expect this to be true at all.
    Although I have seen supermarkets having a bigger push on the videogame side – it doesn’t seem that massive, and Game have still gotton the only pre-order bonuses to advertise.

    1. They don’t always rip-off.

      Gamestation is sometimes cheaper but game is sometimes, Entertainment is the cheapist or Amazon.

      I buy consoles at release night and someone gave me a gift card for station…

      Really I live in britain and so many good shops have closed down here and they mainly turned into tanning salons or fashion shops… it sucks when it happens :( my fav shops have closed down.

      Comeon!!!!! at this rate everyshop is going to turn into tanning salons and fashion!!!

  4. I buy all my games from GAME :( i have £16 saved up on my points card, I guess I should spend them?
    HMV is usualy more expensive than GAME, or at the same price, so I prefer to buy from GAME, I also don’t like buying from any other shops cos I don’t trust them, and I don’t like buying from supermarkets either, they usualy don’t come in their boxes wrapped.

    1. Theres also gamestation around in the UK. Gamestation is really the same as GAME.

      Not sure what to do because of this news because my points card has alot of money on it.

      1. Yeah :S I’ll wait till there’s more official announcments then I might spend the points, but otherwise I’ll just keep them for now!

  5. Me: Oh hi! Do you have Cave Story or tales of the Abyss on the 3DS?
    Game: Never heard of them. We have Horrid Henry 3DS tho
    Me: Um….no?
    Game: How about Call of Duty?
    Me: No, I want these.
    Game: We don’t have them. Have you tried our online site?
    Me: Yes but there’s never any in stock
    Game: Then we won’t ever get it.
    Me: Ok. Will you be stocking Last Story, One Piece Unlimied Cruise SP or Catherine in the next few weeks?
    Game: No. They aren’t popular so we’ll only stock the popular games
    Me: Like Horrid Henry?
    Game: Yeah.

    So…. how is this different to Game any other week? They only stock the huge name games and are more expensive than the supermarkets that sell the same games.

    Personally I now shop online or try Grainger Games who are significantly cheaper than Game.

  6. in a way i am kind of gutted coz i have gotten a lot of my games from GAME in the last 2 years. Though i have converted back to Gamestation again and online shopping so this won’t be a terrible loss in a way.

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