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Wii U E3 2012 Infographic

This picture was posted by Nintendo on the Wii U Facebook page. Nintendo gathered data about Wii U at E3, made them concise and placed them on a chart. The infographic reveals interesting Wii U tidbits. For example, there were a total of 23 Wii U games showcased during E3, there were 12 third-party publishers showcasing Wii U games, and there are a total of nine first-party Wii U games announced.

28 thoughts on “Wii U E3 2012 Infographic”

    1. Did you see ‘Non-Specific Action Figure’ make another appearance in the Nintendo ‘Last E3 Meeting’ video?

  1. Yes, they said they were going to announce that many games, but the fact of the matter is they were mostly 3DS titles and casual crap. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I expected them to “wow” me with what was supposed to be their epic full system reveal, and everything it can do. I’m not disappointed with the 3DS lineup, I actually can’t wait, but Wii U-wise I wasn’t impressed. Hardcore gamers watch and attend E3, not casual gamers, and they wasted so much time on Just Dance and that crap Sing title, as well as Batman, yes it has different mechanics but most people have already played that shit, the same with M.E3, Ninja Gayness Razor Nipples, and Trine 2. So much time wasted when they could have emphasized on P-100, more attractions on NintendoLand (since that’s all they seemed to have), and mechanics from Aliens, and even the panorama view which seems to be a cool addition. But no, they bring a bunch of retards to dance like cymbal monkeys and some annoying girl who can’t sing, taking like 15-20 minutes of the show, after saying they just “didn’t have enough time for everything”. Fuck that shit, they messed up on this e3 and it’s sad to say it, but I was more impressed with Sony and their Last of Us, Beyond two Souls and Watch_Dogs. Yes Watch_Dogs might make it to Wii U but as of now its the same old “maybe” which everyone is getting sick of. Not one casual gamer is going to buy this system on release date, not one, so why in Zeus’s beard do they fuck it up to the crowd that most supports them? It’s sad but this e3 wasn’t impressive, after all that time of saying they were going to cater to the hardcore. All I have to look forward to are ZombiU, Pikmin 3, and “maybes”.

    1. The E3 conference is meant for the investors, so Nintendo had to show them that they were trying to keep their casual audience. If you wanted to know more about other games, such as Assassin’s Creed, Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, ZombiU, Project P100, Darksiders 2, etc., there are many other resources, such as IGN’s interviews, and Nintendo’s E3 page where you can find out information about how these games will look and play. Nintendo has managed to show that the Wii U and 3DS are in it for the long run during the course of this E3.

      1. I’m a casual gamer and you can bet that I will be there when it hits stores games I’m buying are NSMBU, Rayman Legends,Pikmin, Ghost Recon Online, and AC3 (not all at launch)

      2. Here’s how I think Nintendo can do that without turning off core consumers:

        Hold a separate presentation from the main conference focusing entirely on all their casual content for the year. This would allow the main conference to be composed entirely of bridge and core titles.

        This year Nintendo showed they’re willing to hold events like the Pre-E3 Nintendo Direct, the developer roundtable and the 3DS Software Showcase, so I see this as the next natural step. Those who want to hear about casual games/experiences can watch that presentation, and everyone who wants nothing to do with it won’t have to sit through it. They’d show they’re still intent on pleasing casual players without upsetting the core consumer, and showing more titles that appeal to core consumers would also get the attention of western developers.

      3. True to that, but again, what do investors base their “investing” on? On success, and what is success to them? The same it would be to me, to hear that the crowd wants it, to hear cheers, not polite clapping like you heard every time ubisoft finished with their awkward and uninteresting presentation with the exception of ZombiU and Pikmin 3. The investors on Sony were probably going bananas when they heard the cheering on Watch_Dogs, Beyond, and most definitely throughout The Last of Us presentation. In Nintendo’s conference it was different, and even if some investors are not gamers, nobody is stupid enough to not see an awesome game, or product when they see it. Nintendo stocks have been dropping lower and lower because they’re catering to the casuals in an event where 90% of the attendees are hardcore. And by hardcore I mean they know enough about video games to have an interesting conversation with. The only point I’m trying to make is that they were not at their best, on what was supposed to be their true system unveiling because they’re trying to cater to everyone. If you try to chase both fish, both of them will get away, unless you have a shotgun, which in Nintendo’s case it was the Wii U, yet they didn’t fire it off.

    2. Most of the games on Nintendo Wii which I liked the most were never even shown at E3 events e.g. Monster Hunter Tri, Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story and most likely Dragon Quest X (which I doubt will be shown at an E3). I get more excited for the Tokyo Game Show. E3 is for mass-market whereas some of the best offerings are niche titles.

    3. @Totoro: I understand completely. Nintendo blew this conference big time. But don’t give up yet, more news will come in the following months. I got more info from their e3 website than I did at the conference. Btw LOL! Razor nipples.

  2. 9 FIRST PARTY GAMES!!!!! I only saw New super mario bros u, pikimin 3, wii fit u, nintendo land, and game wario. what else was there. I watched the whole e3 presentation from start to finish, what did I miss???

    1. You have to extend to Nintendo published titles to get 9.

      – LEGO City: Undercover (Traveler’s Tales)
      – Ninja Gaiden III: Razor’s Edge (Tecmo Koei)
      – SiNG (FreeStyleGames)
      – Project P-100 (Platinum Games)

      In the case of Ninja Gaiden III Nintendo is also working directly with Tecmo Koei, and I’ll assume the same was done with Traveler’s Tales. In terms of games both published and developed by Nintendo (I’ll assume that’s the only thing you’ll call a Nintendo title), there’s only 5. Feel free to forget SiNG exists and call it 8 games.

      If we’re willing to look outside of games, Panorama View is an application by Nintendo.

      1. oh yeah, i didnt think they meant the games they were publishing. but still I hope before the Wii U launches , Nintendo holds a few more Nintendo Directs and announces some more Wii u games and features.

        1. Wait until it comes out. Then go to and BUY it there. You usually can get stuff chapeer there than in stores. Madden NFL ’11 costs $50.00 in stores. You can bid on it for about $11.00 on eBay.Not all items on eBay for sale are only up for auction. You can purchase stuff too!Or you can just get a DSi XL for $169.99 in Gamestop.

    1. If NintendoLand comes with the Wii U system the same way as the Wii came with Wii Sports, then I am definitely looking forward to it, but if it’s separate I’m not going to waste my time on that.

  3. What are the nine First party games for the WiiU?? I can only think of WIiFItU,NintendoLand,New Super Mario Bros. U, Pikmin 3, and Sing.

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  9. You changed one thing (the controller) I would buy it if you made it so that you could just connect something else on the original wii but if I need to buy a whole new system then screw this

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