Video Interview With The Voice Of Super Mario

Gamereacter interviewed Charles Martinet, the voice actor of Nintendo mascot Super Mario, during last month’s E3. The video interview – shown above – displays Martinet’s enthusiasm toward the Super Mario franchise. Martinet loves the Wii U and recording for Mario games is “the highlight of his life.”

New Super Mario Bros. U is the latest game in which Martinet has worked on. Martinet has worked for Nintendo since 1987 and also voices other characters from the Super Mario series including Luigi, Toadsworth, Wario and Waluigi.


  1. sure he’s an icon. in the vipfloor we met him & iwata last month. my frend got them 2 sign her 3ds & we got free gba gamex via eshop; he’s a kewl personality wario ftw!!(forthewin)!


  2. He reminds me of a pedophile……”Its’a me, Mario. Please send’a me your kids underwear to my a’house so I can’a sniff them. And thank you for playing with’a my balls”


  3. He’s such a cool guy. I love the voice he does for Mario. It fits the character perfectly. Leave luck to heaven.


  4. Why they don’t invite him for E3 to talk about a Mario game is beyond me.
    Just him doing his mario voice instant win E3 :D


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