Level 5’s Fantasy Life For Nintendo 3DS Gets A New Look

Fantasy Life, the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game which is published by Level 5 and co-developed by Bownie Brown, has had yet another makeover. The game was originally in development for the Nintendo DS and then development switched to the Nintendo 3DS.

Fantasy Life is described by the development team as a life simulation RPG which has an emphasis on “finding your own way of life.” As previously stated the game has been co-developed with Brownie Brown, featuring art from Yoshitaka Amano and music from Nobuo Uematsu. The game is still scheduled for release this year.


  1. ITT: People don’t realize who Yoshitaka Amano, Itoi, and Uematsu are, and how this is a total dream-team.

    1. I know who they are :P Amano is the Final Fantasy Art Director, and Uematsu is the Final Fantasy Music composer. There could not have been better people to work on this game.

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