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Crytek Not Working On Crysis 3 For Wii U

Although Crytek producer Mike Read announced that Crysis 3 for Wii U is a possibility, the developer hasn’t confirmed that it would indeed be coming to Nintendo’s upcoming console. Crytek’s general manager, Nick Button-Brown, has revealed – via Twitter – that Crytek is “not currently working on a Wii U version of Crysis 3.” Crytek is, however, working with Nintendo in some way.

66 thoughts on “Crytek Not Working On Crysis 3 For Wii U”

    1. They said not yet, they didnt day not ever. Theyre under a time schedule, or their at least working it out. If they have the time or if they can release it on a date that works for them, they’ll fit in or hire/move staff to port it over to the WiiU, but i they dont, they’ll do it when they’re done, or not at all

      1. Not yet, my ass. The best time to release it for the Wii U is NOW. There’s no point to releasing it in the future when no one will give a crap about it.

        1. It wont be out till 2013 -.- if its as easy as Darksiders 2 was to port, they can do it easy, but they still have time constraints, thats why Dead Space 3 and Resident Evil 6 arent coming, they have set release date, and spending time on the WiiU would delay the game, its probably why Darksiders 2 got delayed (although THQ’s financial position doesnt help), im sure AC3 was going to come out sooner than October

  1. They stated a gew mith back that their engine was bring used for a WiiU game, by a respected developer. Oh please oh please let it be Retro, and Metroid Prime 4….they could effectively “save” the WiiU seeing as whiners are still going on about its graphics

    1. Maybe you need to take a break from all this no-life commenting you usually do and go out and see the world and realize that not everyone complains endlessly over stupid things like graphics. Mostly they complain about wars and people shooting each other, but hey, at least they’re more relevant topics than something as stupid as Wii U’s power.

      1. Well seeing as i have no opinion on war, other than, its wrong but sometimes nesseccary then why bother. Maybe you should spend less time telling people what to do on a site because they comment on a site

      1. Aww, the little bitch is mad.

        So much for all that Crysis talk you and the fanboys had previously. HAHAHAHA.

        1. There was no Crysis talk? All ive ever said and repeated again on this post is that its possible, like Crytek said. I didnt think, “oh its coming for sure, and its being made now”. They already said “its a possibility”, which means its not in development, so this was just comfirming what i already knew, and comfirming again that Crytek are workin on something else for the WiiU. And in the end, the only person who looks like a little bitch is you.

          1. Crytek is probably working on some sort of casual game to fund their next project, you guys are fooling yourselves if you’re expecting something major out of them.

            1. Because that makes sense, im sure casuals would really be interested to know that their game was hsing the CryEngine3.
              Yeah, im sure the creators of Crysis and Timesplitters are working on a casual title. They arent “Rare”. And their engine is being used by a “respected developer”, not, some shovelware developer.

                1. crysis one was good, 2 was a little overrated IMO and I’m not really looking forward to 3, so Im good it not coming to WiiU, if anything I’ll just get it for PC..

  2. Nintendo fan in me says “damn”, the pc fan in me says “shouldn’t be on consoles in the first place”

  3. They’re obviously working on One Piece for the Wii U, complete with infinite rubber physics.

    Come on, it’s so obvious.

  4. I don’t get some people, they want developers to release so much games at launch that it could almost cover half it’s lifespan.
    It’s stupid and it’s obviously american microsoft fanboys trying to bring Nintendo down just because they can’t stand others choosing a “non american” company over an “american” ;P

    1. Amen! Someone that gets what I always say. It’s like the fools that say don’t buy imported cars buy American. Idiot! is what I called one of my friends to his face. Who in their right mind would choose a STUPID corvette over a Ferrari? or something more affordable to the masses, who would choose a ford ( break down while still brand new off the show room ) Taurus over a Toyota Camry? If you are buying American buy lincoln, just like the president that is true American ingenuity. Skip all that direct ford and chevy nonsense.

    2. Please type on this site more often, more people like you with intelligence surely helps. Nintendo fans and real gamers share the fact that we are naturally smart and consciously aware. Also we don’t create evil notions against competing companies when our systems are not doing well, like the 3DS was first month of it’s release. I too am very happy Crysis 3 is not coming to the Wii U, too many games releasing at launch is not that good; we need to save money for other important things.

      1. tell mii about it, yeah he should have a gravatar pic of a pokemon unknown, idk but it fits him perfectly.

    3. To further add, what is needed is the are minimal of FPS on the Wii U. We should only get the good ones and leave the nonsense out. That way games like watch dogs, Zombie U, resident evil, platformers, RPGs, action adventures ( tomb raider ) and racing games shall be made in abundance. FPS mostly are for casuals and they almost destroyed the wonder that is the PS3. All I want is a Wii U, OUYA and PS4.

    4. that’s how many dumbassess want Nintendo to do; the fanfools want Nintendo to released super smash bros on this year, mario 3d on launch day zelda, etc. the fools don’t know that these games take years to make, this is not COD that they can halt ass whenever they feel like it. That’s why a lot of fools say that “e3 suck” because they did not mention all Nintendo games in one e3.

  5. there going to be something crytek is bring to wiiu but nentendo has alot of game companys making games for them or like to make games for them but can’t at this second because there to busy making a different game ( except epic games witch are being asses to nentendo for not bring ue4 to wiiu)

    1. Nintendo arent refusing to have U4, Epic are just being unreasonable, they want like, 8 times the amount of RAM in next gen consoles. Erm, not gona fucking happen, because next gen isnt a pc. They need to accept that consoles are going to be naturally weaker than PC’s from now on. As for U4 on WiiU, it can be scaled, and it’ll look great, we just wont have 1 million particles effect (like that actually fucking matters?)

        1. Apparently they have only just touched the surface on UE3 for ps3 and xbox 360. When I see topics about UE4, Im like meh.

          1. Ive seen U3 in full force on a PC ( my mate was a PC nut). Damn. Consoles would probably benefit from sticking to U3 for next gen, and have games that run faster. U4 has alot of unnesseccary things, and it wouldnt look any better than having them use U3 to the best they can. I mean Metroid Prime 3 uses a modified U2….U2 for fuck sake.

    2. The Wii U runs unreal 4, EPIC developers have to contact epic themselves to use the engine. EPIC since being an American company now doing stuff with the FBI have been gassed up to ULTIMATE DUSCHE level, that’s the opposite of SUPER SAYIAN. The are like as the other above commenter has stated with the buy ‘American’ fools trying to elevate microsofts weak xbox line by any means necessary. People don’t get it, like God gave us free will, we can see and know what quality. Microsoft sucks from their phones to the defunct zune. Oh how I wish more developers choose CryEngine 3 and the Square-Enix luminous over this nonsense.

  6. This is very good news Nintendo fans and true gamers alike. Only fan boys will lose sleep over a game that sucks anyway. Played crysis 2 that was $60 I wasted, took the game back one hour later. If you are a band wagoner, allow this moment for clarity. Crysis is another FPS, it will be exactly like playing COD black ops 2, but with clearer and plastic looking clear resolution. Instead if soldiers you fight aliens and alien human hybrids. You were better of purchasing battle field 3 than crysis 2 or 3. Infact final
    Fantasy xiii and xiii-2 are much better. They atleast are very long and give you options you won’t understand.

    1. Options are always good. I enjoyed Crysis and Crysis 2. I am looking forward to Crysis 3. If someone wants to play the game, you shouldn’t criticize them because their taste differs from you.

      I’m sure there are quite a few Nintendo fans out there who would love to have Crysis 3 on the Wii U.

  7. I don’t give a fuck. Look at the 360 .it didn’t get half of the amount of port the Wii U gets, yet look at that now.

    1. Also, they said CURRENTLY. WHich means they are focusing on the PS3, 360 and PC version now, then they may come back for Crysis 3 for the Wii U later.

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      1. Who would want an outdated game? By the time they’d be done with it, the release for other systems + PC would be long gone.

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