The must-have Wii exclusive Little King’s Story is getting a sequel – not for Nintendo’s console –  called New Little King’s Story. During an interview, assistant producer Takanori Muryama revealed why New Little King’s Story is being developed for the PlayStation Vita, instead of the Wii.

Muryama claims that the touch panel, high resolution graphics and online capabilities of the PlayStation Vita are the reasons as to why New Little King’s Story won’t be coming to Wii. Based on Muryama’s reasons, the Wii U seems to be a perfect fit, perhaps the game will be launched on Nintendo’s forthcoming console.

What factors led to the decision to create the sequel for the Vita instead of the Wii?

“There are three reasons for this. One, the using of the touch panel made the game’s controls much easier. The touch panel enables the users to scout dozens of citizens together which improved the operations. Two, the high resolution graphics enabled to depict many characters at once inside the screen. The movement and the depiction of the many characters in its world is what makes this game fun. Last but not least, the network affinity is high, therefore it is easy to buy avatars and other items on the PS Store. In the PS Store, users can purchase additional items which is another appealing point.”



  1. Of course Mr.Muryama! Releasing a masterpiece of a gamem on one of the worst selling consoles seems like the greatest buisness decisions, does it?


  2. While I never did get to play the original Wii game, I’ll probably pick up this sequel. Especially if it’s just as good as the first one (from what I’ve heard of it at least).


          • lol… Aeolus always makes nonsense, he’s just a troll… and when he has no arguments, he ignores or says crazy shits like “speak in english”.


        • I’m not sure if I’m being deliberately ignorant, or if I’ve just not been keeping up on current events, but it looks like Vita sales are very low.

          True, only in Japan are Vita’s being used as dead weight on the shelves, but everywhere else, sales are still pretty grim.

          OMG, It’s getting Little King?!
          Well, that says it all right there. Vita is coming back! Little King = Big sales. Nintendo is now doomed! Suck it fanboys. With Little King, Vita will rule the world.


      • It was 26:1 last time I checked. And I have to agree with you, I would be surprised if this sequel evens out the sales ratio with the 3DS XL and NSMB2 just being released – with a new Luigi’s Mansion and Paper Mario around the corner. Plus the Wii U coming in about 3 months.


      • It’s not fanboyism if it’s simple facts. If developers want to exhibit the power of a mobile game, they won’t choose the fucking 3DS, they’ll choose the Vita to get the job done.

        Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 is on the Vita, and the 3DS still lacks it. MGS4 was able to run on the hardware *at low FPS, but still* without any alterations whatsoever. That’s just a taste of what the PowerVR SGXMP4+ can do.

        3DS will be just like the Wii against the PS3, shitty shovelware and heaps of Mario and stagnated Nintendo franchises against a system that will ultimately have the more impressive games in nearly every aspect, without the need of 3D.

        Quality before quantity. Deal with it before I Dempsey Roll your ass.


        • “If developers want to exhibit the power of a mobile game”

          every developers dream! that’s exactly what handhelds were made for!


        • “MGS4 was able to run on the hardware *at low FPS, but still*”

          every consumers dream! that’s exactly what handhelds were made for!


        • The 3ds has 3D! and two screens! It’s nothing that dual analog, great graphics, great online play and the ability to use multimedia can stand up too.


          • people care about software. ps vita´s multimedia fails against every single smartphone out there. ps vita´s games library fails against the 3ds. so why again should we buy it? dual analog? are you fucking kidding us?


            • If I was you, I’d at least give it some time to build a library. At least a Holiday season, that’s the big push the VITA needs, that and some unique games that can’t be found anywhere else BUT the VITA.


                • Except it’s not a year old and the latter is your ill researched opinion.

                  Still waiting for any 3DS game that can hold its own against Gravity Rush or Persona 4, ohwait, there aren’t any.


                  • It seems as though we are not ”aloud” to name those ”boring, repetitive IP’s” as an argument to like/buy Nintendo systems, yet it’s exactly this that makes many of us love Nintendo. Little odd to just ignore that.
                    Face it: games like Super Mario 3D Land are objectively very good, but because it’s ”another Mario game” people tend to say it’s not as good as it really is.
                    Also I believe Kid Icarus, Kingdom Hearts, Heroes of Ruin are very good games, good enough even to render your last argument invalid.
                    I don’t think things will get worse for Nintendo after they have Paper Mario and Luigi’s Mansion (and later Super Smash Bros.)
                    Gravity Rush! Yes, I would love to try that game, because it looks absolutely beautiful, and together with the other topgame Persona 4 you named about half of the buyworthy games of the vita.
                    Also please don’t forget that Persona 4 (which although I’m honestly interested in) is and stays a PS2 game.

                    ”ohwait there aren’t any”
                    ohwait there’s plenty now and plenty to come.
                    Although I like both Nintendo AND Sony (admittedly, I do like Nintendo’s IP’s better), I think it’s bullshit that you say the 3DS sucks (even if the Vita has way better hardware)


                    • Super Mario 3D Land?

                      LOL, if you like that repetitive, casual mess of a rehash. It’s basically NSMB with camera perspective changes.

                      Kid Icarus uprising against Gravity Rush? I’ll take my Gravity Rush with dual analog, please.

                      Heroes of Ruin? Pretty sure that got mediocre reception.

                      Kingdom Hearts? More or less as interesting as BBS.

                      Persona 4 is more than just a “PS2 game”, by the way. There’s a reason it was heavily anticipated overseas.


                    • Mmm.. No?
                      That would mean you would only be able to run forward from particular camera angles, which of course is not the case.

                      So what you’re planning on doing after you’ve finished less than half a dozen of interesting games :”)?

                      (I’m skipping the part of you not liking the games I mentioned because that appears to be bound to opinions.)

                      “There’s a reason it was heavily anticipated overseas.”
                      Yet all the heavily anticipated Nintendo games seem to do you nothing, making me think you would actually judge the game by how you liked it.
                      I can throw a whole bunch of excellent Nintendo reviews in your face, but that wouldn’t change your opinion of them would it?

                      Now I need to make this clear: I do not dislike the games and systems by sony at all. It’s the price/quality about everything.
                      I can fully comprehend that the Vita costs more than the 3DS, nothing wrong with pricing better hardware higher (even though I think it would be a smarter move to sell both Vita versions $50 cheaper and earn that back by selling more software) and I of course find it a huge advantage that the Vita unlike the 3DS is region free. The biggest problem I’m having is that after paying ALOT of money for the thing itself, you have to pay so much extra. Main problem being the memory cards. That is where Sony was definitely too greedy. $30 for 8GB? Are they fucking kidding me.
                      Maybe I’ll buy a Vita if there are more (interesting) games, the memory cards are cheaper and the system has enough support to find it a trustworthy investment. For now? No thanks.


                  • The fact is most developers would rather use the 3ds than vita for these reasons.

                    It’s cheaper.

                    Higher chance of profit.

                    Low cost compared to having to be hd to impress the vita owners and have a a chance.Basically they have to make it look very good to sell well.

                    More people own a 3ds.

                    Japan loves 3ds they don’t love Vita.
                    Therefor 3ds will get more japanese games than vita that are actually note worthy.

                    Most companies don’t care about power they care about profit when it comes to mobile games.

                    To comment on your 70 games list which were mostly water-down ports or games nobody cares about(look at sales). Isn’t impressive.

                    Personally mobile games have proved that
                    HD games with great graphic(subjective) will usually not out sell better gameplay and cheaper game. 3ds can do that (cheaper) while vita can’t.

                    3ds will forever beat vita based on these facts.

                    Any argument against this is probably trolling or fanboyism.


        • Simple facts?! Is that why the 3DS is still getting great games? Is that why it’s still getting massive 3rd party support with games like Project X Zone, Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil, etc.? Both handhelds have quality titles and will be great but your Sony retardation prevents you from seeing that. You’re looking at graphics and hardware when it’s all about the games, which both systems are getting. If the system was so shitty, than why are 3rd party developers making games for it? Explain that to me. Oh wait, you’re just going to call every title on the 3DS complete crap, never mind. Oh, and, don’t use Hajime no Ippo references against me, you using them is insult to the Manga and the two Animes.


          • Massive third party support that happens to be little beyond ports of mobile games or remakes of them.

            Nobody knows how PXZ can turn out, so I don’t know why you’re mentioning it. RE wasn’t nearly as good as people are making it out to be, and Kingdom Overrated is wasting its time on portables rather than SE making goddamn KH3, and is only just on par with previous portable KH games.

            3DS support isn’t as good as you think it is, do your research and you’ll find fuckloads of games that are actually ports and none of you would realize it.


            • “Nobody knows how PXZ can turn out, so I don’t know why you’re mentioning it.”
              The same reason why you keep believing lks2 on psv is a sign. Except PXZ matters more
              “RE wasn’t nearly as good as people are making it out to be, ”
              your opinion
              “and Kingdom Overrated is wasting its time on portables rather than SE making goddamn KH3, and is only just on par with previous portable KH games.”
              your opinion

              fact they wont appear on psv


            • Wow…just wow…this post alone PROVES that no matter WHAT is on the 3DS, just because it’s on a Nintendo handheld, it sucks. You’re just looking for excuses and reasons to hate the 3DS and, for someone who claims to be in his 20’s, that’s pretty pathetic.


        • “It’s not fanboyism if it’s simple facts. If developers want to exhibit the power of a mobile game, they won’t choose the fucking 3DS, they’ll choose the Vita to get the job done.”

          WTF? Power? How about games? like.. let’s see… Kid icarus Uprising, Resident Evil Revelations, Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D , Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, NSMB 2, Dead or Alive Dimensions, Heroes of Ruin, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Mario Tennis Open, Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D, Rayman Origins, Sonic Generations, Star Fox 64 3D, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Zelda OOT, Super Street Fighter IV 3D, Tales of the Abyss 3D, Tekken 3D Prime Edition, Dragon Quest Monsters Terry’s Wonderland 3D, Monster Hunter Tri G, Monster Hunter 4, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, Rune Factory 4, Fantasy Life, Smash Bros, Castlevania: Mirror of Fate, Zero Escape, E.X. Troopers, Animal Crossing, Lego City: Undercover, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, Project X Zone, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers, Shin Megami Tensei IV…


          • Random lists of unreleased or barely good titles doesn’t let your argument hold weight. I can easily say CoD: BOD, NFS Most Wanted, would be amazing game(s) for the Vita, yet when it releases it could be a total turd.

            List what is available now and in relevant territories to get your point across, not guesswork. Thanks.


            • You are funny… lol
              COD? Realy? NFS? LMAO

              “List what is available now and in relevant territories to get your point across, not guesswork. Thanks.”

              More than half I list is avaliable, moron… and soon or later, the games that aren’t avaliable here, will be released soon or later, unlike PSV that gets nothing…


              • Sooner or later? How do you know this?

                At least the Vita is region free, so everything is available by default and doesn’t have you begging companies to localize it instead.


                • “How do you know this?” You clearly don’t follows any news about Nintendo, you’re just a hater (funny troll already), typical.

                  and good luck playing japanese games, you might have many language skills.


            • Saying x game is barely good is just your subjective opinion and holds no fact to it. Therefor your opinion is meaningless and your argument is circular.


    • Don’t even act like an idiot using my name.
      This title obviously is a desperate attempt to make Vita look appealing.

      Don’t make the Fanboys believe I’m so stupid as a fake clone.


    • wait… what? LMAO!

      Are you joking right? What the hell? Kid, PSV is pratically DEAD! Face the facts… It sells nothing, has no many games that worth, the upcoming games are scarce and it’s totally a waste of money, sorry but no, it’s starts nothing…


  3. This is actualy good news. Because the Vita is almost dead now, chances are high that the game will be moved over to the Wii U. A lot of developers are moving their games to the Wii U, because of Vita’s inminent death. If you are a smart Vita owner, you would trade your system for a 3ds xl before it loses most of its value.


  4. played that game. it’s mind bogglingly repetitive. the wii missing out the sequel isn’t a big loss, especially with its life cycle so close to an end.


  5. Why do i get the feeling alot of money was involved? No sane developer would willingly bring a title to the Vita unless they were getting alot of money for it, or if they were a first party developer


    • Or, you’re watering down the truth that developers prefer better platforms that can show off their games rather than shitty, restricted ones with like 40mb of space.


      • The Vitanic is Sinking all sony fanboys go onto the raft and you
        will arive @ nintendo land.Face it aleous(and other sony trolls) the “Better Console” is sinking and it will fail.How come the vitanic has less sales than the 3 Dual Screens,huh.Why is that?Because nintendo can leave Sony in the dust the Wii is the only console with Non Camera detective motion controls


      • “down the truth that developers prefer better platforms that can show off their games”
        so thats why little kings story appeared on wii? or monster hunter, dragon quest, resident evil, kingdom hearts, castlevania, project x zone, pro evolution soccer, professor layton wont appear on ps vita?

        “shitty, restricted ones ”

        talking about ps vitas memory cards again?


        • Why do you keep mentioning the same games in every comment? It’s like you’re desperate to inspire some sort of a point when you’re clearly not making a good one.

          And I haven’t seen a 40mb Vita memory card, so I guess that clearly what isn’t being mentioned, you fucking dumbshit.


          • “Why do you keep mentioning the same games in every comment?”
            Cause you are not much more worth than copy paste.

            “And I haven’t seen a 40mb Vita memory card, so I guess that clearly what isn’t being mentioned, ”
            ever tried to use your ps vita memory cards with other sony devices? did you ever try to use ps vita memory cards with any device ever released? do you get why they are shitty restricted ones?

            “you fucking dumbshit.”
            do you kiss your mm with this mouth?


            • There are a heap of proprietary memory cards on the market, and as far as I’m concerned using them on other devices doesn’t mean jack shit to me. It’s a clear argument looking to grasp at straws, that’s why it sucks.


      • “Platforms that can show off their games”

        Erm, theres this thing coming out called the WiiU. If you seriously think the Vita has more capabilites than the WiiU, then you’re smoking crack.


        • Wii U has no multitouch, Wii U is limited within homes, No guarantee the online will ever touch PSN/XBL. The screen is not high res, I can go on and on. But yeah, already tore your shit apart.

          Come back to me when your overclocked 360 can do any of that.


          • “Wii U has no multitouch”
            So did Wii.
            “Wii U is limited within homes”
            So is Wii. And it doesnt matter to little king story

            “No guarantee the online will ever touch PSN/XBL”
            So didnt the Wii… and you think psn can live up to pc online systems? any of them? even origin is better

            “The screen is not high res”
            So is PS Vita


            • Origin is BETTER than PSN? LMAO.

              Vita’s screen is NOT high res? So what the FUCK is 960 x 544 then?

              Lol, consider yourself ignored. Don’t even bother replying to me anymore. It’s clear you’re a pathetic and mindless Nintendo fanboy at this point.


          • “Wii U is limited within homes”

            Wii U isn’t a mobile device, retarded… your comments seems desperate right now, all you prove today is that you have pointless nonsense of informations.


            • The point is Vita has the clear advantage there because it is mobile and this is a game that doesn’t require photo realism or more hardware taxing visuals, so in real world scenario, a Wii U version won’t be all that much better looking at all.

              He chose the Vita because it’s more capable hardware than the Wii, and more portable than a Wii U. Deal with it.


                • Anyway, my original comment was “It starts.”

                  The start of developers finding that the 3DS hardware is not up to scratch with their vision of future portable games, where the Vita is ultimately the more versatile system of choice since it has pretty much everything the 3DS does and more with the except of 3D and dual screens, neither of which are necessary for the gameplay experience.

                  If i’m not mistaken, certain handheld multiplats this year are also seemingly missing the 3DS in favor of the Vita instead.

                  ACIII: L, CoD, NFS: MW (if I’m not mistaken), I’m sure I’m missing others.


                  • “The start of developers finding that the 3DS hardware is not up to scratch with their vision of future portable games, where the Vita is ultimately the more versatile system of choice”

                    lol.. This game was moved from Wii, a console, not a handheld, moron. This statements just shows how you are tendentious and nonsense.


                    • That isn’t the point, the 3DS would have obviously gotten it if the criteria he wanted was available on the handheld, it doesn’t have it either, so it’s in the same boat as the Wii, inferior hardware being passed up for superior hardware.

                      Use your head.


                  • So from this one game and from one game being cancelled you got all of that? If that was the case, than why did the PSP not get all of the 3rd party support? Why was the DS not ditched? Hmmm? Oh boy, this is just WAY too easy.


                    • The PSP has PLENTY of 3rd party support, I’m not even sure what the hell you’re getting that. Or is the mass amount of DS shovelware -your- definition of support?

                      YOU’RE too easy. You’re predictable as Hell.

                      Also, if the PSP isn’t getting as much third party support as you’re insinuating, why is it consistently getting games and the DS platform is effectively abandoned?


                  • Are you retarded or something? I never ONCE said that the PSP lacked 3rd party support. What I said was that that the DS didn’t lose 3rd party support due to the PSP’s superior power. Are you seriously this dense?


                    • DS didn’t because of the extreme sales and fucking popularity of the unit during that era, that is obviously dying down the drain in western territories, the MAJORITY of the 3DS sales (and decent software) are coming from Japan and the software support mostly being better in that territory. That’s why there’s seemingly more support for it over there, rather than stateside.

                      In the long run, it will probably die quicker than the Vita, just like the DS third party support eventually died down in favor of new PSP releases.


                  • “assasins creed”

                    yup, still missing.

                    already available

                    will come like on the ds. so your hope is up to a downloadtitle and generic ones


              • “because it is mobile and this is a game that doesn’t require photo realism or more hardware taxing visuals”

                like Mario games?

                “Wii U version won’t be all that much better looking at all.”

                You really belive on this? Whatever..


          • Multi-touch is not needed for a dedicated home console and it’s obviously stuck inside a house because it’s a home consoles. Online is relatively unknown so I have NO clue why you’re even bringing that up. The screen doesn’t need to be high-res, just good enough to distinguish what’s on the screen and be visually appealing oh, FYI, it’s a controller, giving it a high-res screen would just make it uber expensive. Come back when you can actually argue without any bias.


            • All of these were mentioned by this developer thus what you “think” is not needed, does not mean jack shit when reading the article.

              He doesn’t even mention the Wii U, this is just speculatory guesswork. His eyes are on the Vita and that’s that.


  6. I have waited far too long for a sequel. I’m not buying a Vita either. PLEASE bring this to either 3DS or Wii U. Of the over 40 Wii games in my library, this is definitely top 5. I hope Pikmin took some notes on this game because it blows Pikmin out of the water.


  7. Uh? Isn’t it the same game that was supposed to be released in PSP a while ago? Or it is a new one? If it isn’t a new game, don’t be sad guys it’s just the same game re-imagined with animu art and a quest to save the world.


      • Well, from what I know, Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, for the VITA, has something different going for it and I like it. If I could, I’d get both Assassin’s Creed III for the Wii-U and Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation for the VITA. Now, I’m not saying the handheld is super great at the moment or anything, but it has massive potential as the next PSP so I have high hopes for it.


      • Ive never played Zone of the Enders >.< is it worth picking up? I know Kojima is God, but still need an opinion.
        The majority of my purchases over the past 6 months for my ps3 have been HD releases, which is pretty sad, just shows how dead the market is for new content (thats actually worth getting)


  8. Uh. The Wii U does not have a touch panel. It has a touch screen.
    And I’m really happy about the fact that they decided to bring Little King’s Story on the Vita instead of the Wii or 3DS. It will look so much better on the Vita and the online service is better as well. Definitely going to buy it.


  9. 3DS online is actually very good. Codes are kinda annoying but oh we’ll. Better than ps3 with all the jerks sending you foul language filled messages


  10. Sorry to just bust in and all, but to be honest, Little King’s Story doesn’t look like a 3DS game for me. No I’m not saying anything related to graphics capabilities, or online system, or any other dipshit that the competitors “have it best”. I think that it doesn’t fir because it isn’t a game with the same characteristics of other Nintendo 3DS titles.

    What does Pokémon Black/White 2 (those aren’t for 3DS, I know, but they have specail features when played in one, so that already counts), Kid Icarus: Uprising, Mario Kart 7, Mario Tennis Open, New Super Mario Bros. 2, theatrhythm final fantasy, and many other Nintendo 3DS games have in common? The fact that these games have a INCREDIBLY HIGH REPLAY FACTOR. Even after beating the main story of the game (or winning all the cups), you still wanna keep playing those games until you have done everything, whether is capturing all the 150 pokemons, or collect all puzzle pieces, or 1,000,000,000 coins whatever, those games were made for people to play for days and days and more days. Unlike games from home consoles and for the PSP/PSP Vita. In fact, I think this is one of the things Sony hasn’t realized yet with their portables: they think that only doing a game with epic graphics and cool story but without the replay factor in it will outsell Pokémon and other Nintendo titles that has this feat in them. After beating up the final boss of PSP games, I don’t feel like playing it again and again. I mean, maybe I would replay all back from the beginning, but only after a big time period, not in a couple of days! The only exception (which I consider to be the best game on PSP that we will never find in a PS3) is Dissidia Final Fantasy, which is a fighting game and, guess what, it has a high replay factor. All of the other great tiles (such as MGS:Peacewalker, or that God of War I forgot the name) I can play almost the same games, but better, on my PS3.

    And for that guy who thinks that 3DS is going to fall because of this game not being made for it, I think you should check back history. How many times have Sony games made a port to Big N in which it looked even better than before? Okami is a great example to that. Also, I think Sony is still pissed off with the fact that the game that celebrated the 10th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts, which started on PS2, is a 3DS EXCLUSIVE title. Castelvania Lords of Shadow, Paper Mario Sticker Star, Luigi’s Manion: Dark Moon, Project XZone, that capcom game of gundams that I forgot the name and also is going to have a coop-multiplayer mode, Professor Layton, Monster Hunter 4 and Shin Megami Tensei V are just a few of what’s to come in the next years. So yeah, maybe the 3DS wouldn’t miss Next Little King’s Story too much anyway….


  11. Not sure if everyone’s heard the news, but Sony’s gaming division just posted some embarrassing figures.

    It’s not about us N Fanboys, stockholders are pissed, and Sony lost nearly what it made in profit last year.

    If Vita fails, which is looking very likely, Nintendo will be up against the iOS and tablet market alone… Which may be OK as long as it continues to secure it’s niche audience.

    Aeolus buddy, you might want to research your gaming friends at Sony. They could use your money. If you could push a few more million of Vita sales ASAP, that would make them feel better.


    • Source? I hope Sony still keep making handhelds, that way Nintendo will always remember to keep the quality of their games very high. Plus, if Sony handhelds get more games that satisfies my taste, I might even get their portable piece of hardware (that is, if they lower the prices LOL).

      Anyway, as long as I can get my Mario and Pokemon games that are entertaining, and good RPG/strategy games. I am not worried about losing competition. Competition = our best wallet friends. :)

      Oh, and I want Yoshi’s Island 3. Please start working on that game Nintendo. :)


    • Which was the company as a whole.

      The PlayStation division lost 45 million dollars, 143 million was from purchase of a certain company.

      If you want to make a meaningful comparison, Nintendo has lost 200 million dollars and the only thing they do is games, that’s actually -worse-.

      Nintendo is going to have trouble too, and arguably a worse scenario seeing as they only have one market.


  12. He’ll be kicking himself once this fails harder than the first one. First sold poorly from what I heard. Releasing to what will be a dead console in a few months time doesn’t sound like a great idea.

    Unfortunately this could be what kills this developer.


  13. the game was fun and all but the controls were so terribly fiddly that i had to stop halfway through because it got incredibly annoying trying to direct a group of 9 peasants over the screen

    maybe that’s just me tho but i really hope they improve the control scheme in the sequel


  14. The comments here are a cesspool of fanboy drivel, and if I were the writers of this blog I’d enact some rules. Frankly, it’s embarrassing having a post like this linked to the game’s Wikipedia article as a reference, especially as it was referenced incorrectly.

    By the time this post was released, the game had already launched in Japan, and it was fairly clear what it was, a re-imagining of the Wii game. The Wii original didn’t sell well, and thus fans of the game should be celebrating the fact it got a serious second lease at life because it’s so rare for that to happen. Instead, almost all of the comments are complaining about how it won’t sell well, or how it should be on the Wii U. Yes, Vita has sold poorly. This game entered into development before Vita came out. For what it’s worth, the first week sales of New Little King’s Story on Vita in Japan were actually (marginally) higher than the Wii original sales. It was also a best seller on PSN in that region for months. Given how “well” ports on Wii U have sold I don’t think the result would be much better if Konami and MarvelousAQL re-released this version of the game on that platform anyways.


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