Nintendo-related material was at the London 2012 Olympics, which is taking place right now. Firstly, the Nintendo 3DS made a cameo appearance at the opening ceremony on July 28th. Secondly, Olympics Gymnast Elsa Garcia performed to familiar tunes from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Garcia is apparently a lifelong gamer and chose to perform to this particular music because she is a fan of the series. Garcia is happy that gamers recognized her performance and wants to get more people involved with gymnastics. Garcia compares herself to the Link, the Hero of Time, by saying she is never going to give up on her quest.

“I’m surprised that so many people have recognized the song. It’s a win-win situation. I like the fact that gamers want more people to recognize beautiful game soundtracks and I want more people to get involved in gymnastics.”

“I thought of Link running around through the forest, mountains, caves, and how agile he is, it was funny to think that I was doing something similar but in my own way. I liked what it reminded me of: the whole concept of never giving up on my quest.”



    • Nintendo being involved with the Olympics will actually hurt their sales.
      Vita was Smart by not getting involved with a world-wide event. *face-palm*
      Sony… You’re making me look bad. Get you’re ass in the game and start selling the Vita’s!!!


  1. I have to say, the renditions of those themes from LoZ were very good, and she did well in that routine, bar a bit if a stumble on the landing early on.


  2. This is but a glorious thing – seeing gaming culture and the olympics mesh in such an interesting and unique way, ALONG with being recognised by a plethora of watchers…

    Most certainly a pleasing piece of news – Bravo, young athlete, we commend thee!


            • That isn’t how ‘articles’ work – Of course, it may be a nintendo site, but you assume that people desire to purchase a random deal via an article…when most of us are more likely to disregard it as spam.

              Spam is generally classed as having little or no true relation to the *specific* article at hand…regardless of where said article is hosted – in this occasion, where the article relates to Olympics/Legend of Zelda music performance, there is little correlation with Mario seeing as that is a whole other franchise under the Nintendo Umbrella.


  3. I saw her performance and wow! She nailed it!
    She stumbled at first, but the rest she flew through like a Roc’s Feather.
    She earns a Platinum medal from me :)


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