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The ongoing tiff between Nintendo and Amazon has reached escalation point as the popular online retailer says that it won’t have Nintendo’s latest console available for pre-order. Amazon apparently stopped selling the Nintendo 3DS a while back, and hasn’t ever stocked the Nintendo 3DS XL. Joystiq tried to reach out to both Amazon and Nintendo to find out what’s going on, but they have yet to receive a reply from either party.


58 thoughts on “ Won’t Have Wii U For Pre-Order”

    1. yes right again if companies dont suport there consumers then consumers just buy from a consumer frindley place best buy walmart game stop

    1. game stop is not preorder and i also couldnt find anyone else who is.Since i can’t preorder it they will not get my money.i am not going to fight over finding a system close to christmas. what a joke.i wont by nintendo’s brand again.

    1. Dear Customer,

      Thank for you signing up to be notified when the Wii U is available.

      Unfortunately the Wii U console is not available at at this time but please check back in the future, as availability may change.

      We do have the latest Wii U games and accessories available now so check them out.

      Thank you for shopping with Amazon Video Games.

      So if you’re interested in the Wii U, you’ll have to pre-order elsewhere – at least for now.


      the wiiu is just not available YET on Amazon . will be in the near future some time….

  1. So nintendo dosent want some sorting robot, secret job steeler, econmy breaking, monygrubbling 3 man crew to sell thier items. at least nintendo will give gamestop/game people jobs still. screw amazon.

      1. You do relise that since they are online only they dont deal with sales taxes? Their distribution is almost compleatly automated? Their workers do nothing but keep servers running and mechanics running at each distribution sight? Please I know enough not to tuch Amazon. they sell everything made and hurt every side of the industry minus food. amazon made borders close doors, they also helped close the doors to places like sunco, music center close down. Get out of your damn parents house every once in a while and realise people lost jobs cause of that fucking place.

        1. 1. They’re not online only.
          2. Some states do require sales tax, even for
          3. Distribution is not almost automated.
          4. Amazon employs numerous people who do other things other than “do nothing but keep servers running.” Really… I don’t even think I have to explain..
          5. You are very, very, very, ignorant and naive.

  2. also doesn’t have any problem with Nintendo. I don’t know what the US Amazon has against them, but I think it may be time for them to think about their own bottom line… unless they are planning on going to a streaming only service.

        1. I rechecked and It is not sold by Through their website by independent sellers yes, for an exuberant price. If Amazon sells it themselves then they use the normal retail prices or sometimes less with free shipping.

  3. Yes, this issue concerns NoA and US Amazon. BTW, yesterday afternoon I received the following:

    “Dear Customer,

    Thank for you signing up to be notified when the Wii U is available.
    Unfortunately the Wii U console is not available at at this time but please check back in the future, as availability may change.
    We do have the latest Wii U games and accessories available now so check them out.
    Thank you for shopping with Amazon Video Games.”

    Very strange. So far, in US, I know that both Best Buy and Game stop are receiving pre-orders.

    1. I got that same email, too, and it sucks because I’m an Amazon Prime member who was hoping to get the Wii U with free shipping. Whatever, at least there’s a Gamestop within walking distance…

      1. That’s it. The fact is that I usually prefer to purchase electronics at Fair prices when compared to competitors (ok, it does not apply to WiiU since it has a fixed price, I know), good service, everything always well-packaged.
        Another recent quite odd issue between NoA and local vendors was the one regarding Xenoblade: only Game Stop has it. o.O

    2. “We won’t be selling the Wii U, but you can get Wii U games here. That’s good right?”

      …I really don’t want to go to GameStop for the Wii U.

  4. aeoluslikestosuckoffmonkeydicksandthemonkeyisicydeadpeopleandtheyalsoseemtobeidiots

    Amazon must be really stupid, the amount of hype created after yesterday is too large for a retailer to pass by, at least the other Amazon’s aren’t crybabies.

    1. The article says Amazon (of America, the other countries are unaffected it seems) isn’t selling 3DS XLs either. There’s obviously some sort of internal dispute between Amazon and Nintendo that we’re unaware of.

      1. I heard that Amazon had tons of 3DS returns due to screen scratching issues and maybe other 3DS complaints. Maybe they took a big hit with the original 3DS and Nintendo didn’t make it right with Amazon.

  5. Yeah, I kind of noticed. Even though they’re allowing pre-orders of the games, they aren’t doing the same for the console. I don’t have any idea why.

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  7. Meh don’t care I don’t buy my stuff off the internet. I want it as soon as I can and that can only be done in store instead of waiting a few days or so after release.

      1. If the shipoing screws up you could be waiting weeks. I have walmart, bestbuy, futureshop, and EB games 10 min walk away from so I go there to get instantly. I was first to preorder my Wii U at my local eb games and I was the only one there too this morning.

        1. I’ve been buying products from Amazon for years and if the listing specifically says ‘shipped and sold by Amazon’ there won’t be any issues.

  8. Interesting… Amazon Germany / Austria doesn’t have those problems, i could preorder just fine.. altough they are missing details for the ZombiU Bundle…

  9. Funny… Amazon Canada seem to have all Nintendo console available at the moment (3DS, 3DS XL and Wii). Amazon US must be kind of butt hurt or something. Or maybe MS and Sony gave big money to them to avoid selling Nintendo products. Wouldn’t be surprised.

  10. well good thing I preordered a Wii U at Gamestop, you only need to put down $25 and it can be easily refunded so my plan was to have a backup in case Amazon wasn’t preordering and it looks like I was right

  11. This is a huge blow to a lot of folks… but I sort of saw it coming with the way Amazon handled the 3DS XL. Weird. Gamestop seems to be doing a lot of business in a very short time period. If you’re looking for a pre-order there I’d act fast.

  12. That really sucks that you can’t preorder the Wii-U on Amazon. I preordered the Wii-U right a way after Nintendo Direct. I didn’t want to miss my chance on getting the Wii-U being sold out.

  13. I’m no insider, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is because Amazon has sold a lot of NON Nintendo consoles that have Nintendo labels, and Nintendo has had to spend their own money to replace them. I have several friends both in the USA and in the UK who purchased their DS’s from amazon only to discover that they didn’t work at all. Nintendo was kind enough to replace the items.

  14. I just screamed and threw my Oshawott plushie at my monitor.
    Seriously, Amazon?!
    You’re a business! Let me help you make money! There’s a reason why I’ve built up $400 in Amazon Gift Cards this past year through spending time on a bajillion sites!

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