Flashback Origins, a remake of the original Flashback, is apparently under development for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, Wii U and PC. The game is titled Flashback Origins and is said to be directed by Paul Cuisset, the original developer of Flashback, and his development studio, VectorCell. Ubisoft is apparently set to be the publisher of the remake.



    • Ocarina 3D was a perfect example of a Remake. Remakes need to be like that. not those stupid HD collections. Although they should be offered digitally for cheap.

      There is a difference between a Remake and a Uprezzed port lol…. Imagine F-Zero GX getting the windwaker reborn treatment ? oh mannn…


  1. Sounds good to me, the more the merrier for the eshop! Also I thought I’ll throw this out as well, Wii U first party games will eventually be able to run 1080p native, The launch window is only 720p with 60fps because those are launch titles. This is Nintendo we’re talking about, they know the hardware from the back of the head, left and right. Wouldn’t surprise me if the upcoming 3D Mario will be 1080p Native at 60fps.


    • Whilst the wiiu is more than capable , I think Nintendo will mainly opt for 720p with good AA at 60FPS ? Why because they can do more graphically , and the difference between native 720p and native 1080p is hard to notice unless you’re a geek.

      I will take Graphics and performance over just being 1080p just for the sake of it.

      You might be right , but they can make their games look even more impressive at 720p… And ofcourse everything is upscaled to 1080p anyway.


    • Agreed, it’s just a matter of developers getting used to the hardware and exploiting it to its full potential.
      Off-topic but…do you have a MiiVerse account with that username? Think I may have stumbled across a few of your drawings if that’s the case ;)


  2. I own this for my Sega Genesis.
    Great game… At least it used to be! :p

    You know how it is sometimes, fond memories, then you go back and are like, WTH?! ;)


  3. It’s like today Nintendo opened up a small door, and every game from the past, present and future is walking through onto the Wii U. This is too much, we need a break Sickr and Alba to take in all of today’s goodness; that began with the nintendo direct this morning.


  4. One of my SNES favorites. Great graphics and I liked that tree climbing in the first part of the game. Looks like another fine addition to my Wii U :)


  5. Oh man I’d love to see this. I wonder if the walking/running mechanic would be changed tho? It was one the qualities that added to the difficulty in game play back in the day.

    If this is real…..good bloody show!


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