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Bayonetta Developers Would Love To Buy the Darksiders Franchise


Atsushi Inaba, the head of Platinum Games, has expressed his interest in purchasing the Darksiders franchises and also Vigil, the studio that developed the game. The developer behind Bayonetta, Vanquish, and The Wonderful 101, said on Twitter that if the studio is going cheap then they would be keen to make an investment. Would you like to see Platinum Games take charge of the acclaimed Darksiders series?

“In THQ’s studio and IP selling off auction, Darksiders is unsold? [We] wanna buy it…on the cheap…”

Thanks, Eric

28 thoughts on “Bayonetta Developers Would Love To Buy the Darksiders Franchise”

      1. Well it starter because THQ died and their franchises/studios were getting auctioned off, but Vigil Games and thd Darksiders franchise werent taken :(
        So we started talking about who we wanted to have it, i never really considered Platinum

  1. I dunno if I’m the only one, but I’m gonna assume I’m not; I sent in a link to that exact article for this particular story.
    Anyways, yes, I would love to see Platinum pick this up.
    Darksiders II on the Wii U is a fantastic adventure game, even though it’s missing a couple of expansions.
    I would be thrilled to see it survive THQ’s demise so that it could get the Trilogy that the ending of 2 so richly hints at.^_^

  2. Oh the thoughts running through my head. Can you imagine if platinum bought them and nintendo made them an official 2nd party.

    1. Well Platinum have got a good thing going with Nintendo, but yeah they’ll still make 3rd party multiplats, probably

  3. That would be perfect. Darksiders would be perfect for Platinum. Also Platinum is very close to Nintendo. Please make this happen. Leave luck to heaven.

  4. Yes, but only if its multiplatform. Making it Nintendo exclusive would be a slap in the face to most of the fanbase.

    1. Was it not a “slap in the face” to Wii owners when they watched all those “multiplat” games not come out for their system? Maybe you should go suck a dick, Nintendo EAD makes the best games, and Darksiders would make a wonderful addition. Fuck everyone else.

      1. He’s just saying that seeing as the previous titles were on other consoles, it makes sense to keep them on those consoles (or their successors). Its like seeing the next Mario title as an Xbox exclusive. I’d also like to add that multiform titles would have come to the Wii if it weren’t for the hardware limitations.

        inb4- you tell me to suck a dick.

  5. Great…P games and Darksiders are a good fit. I’ve been trying to convince people at MiiVerse to have Nintendo buy the franchise. But I guess P games is good too.

  6. Nintendo should buy Darksiders and Vigil and offer to trade it to Microsoft for the rights to Banjo Kazooie… Microsoft should also accept the offer. lol, In my dreams maybe…

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