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Mother 4 With English Translation Is Still Coming


Mother 4, a project designed by fans of the series which was announced roughly three years ago, is apparently progressing well. The fan made project will be in made available in English, so it will be readily accessible for the majority of you. The team say that progress on the game is going according to plan and they have also recruited some new team members.  You can visit the blog for the project, right here. The official launch website for Mother 4 will be up on August 13th.

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59 thoughts on “Mother 4 With English Translation Is Still Coming”

  1. I’ve played Earthbound Zero (NES ROM), Mother 3 (GBA ROM), and is planning to buy Earthbound (Wii U SNES Virtual Console). This would be something that would be fun as these games.

    1. While I applaud their commitment to this project it should by no means be considered a numbered sequel. Mother: A Subtitled Adventure, then by all means, this is actually accepting it as cannon and this is an official title unless Nintendo has plans to upload it to the Wii U eShop In the future. I am sure lawsuits can follow.

      1. Cease and desist, maybe.

        But, y’know, with Nintendo trying to reach out to indie developers lately, it might be possible that they help make this game official, or at least help adapt it into something outside the Mother name. The game is being developed by fans, but those fans formed an indie studio with 18 members on staff. If Nintendo isn’t going to take advantage of the IP outside of the Virtual Console and Smash Brothers, why not license it to a dedicated team of gamers?

  2. I really don’t put a lot of stock in fan projects. It doesn’t help that Itoi’s dadaist approach to storytelling is pretty much inimitable, no matter how dedicated they are, or think themselves to be. I also don’t like how they infer themselves into the series by calling it MOTHER 4.

  3. I was excited until I read that it was just fan made. Which also means it will be only a digital download as well. And probably only for PC’s, which is even worse.

    1. The loser 35 year old who only plays Babytendo… Hmmm very suspicious, I would have the police monitor you. I think you have a few dark secrets you might want to tell someone before you make a big mistake.

      1. I think your trolling is funny, but wouldn’t that make you just as much of a pedophile for following a website that is aimed towards children?

      2. I don’t judge games by what age groups they’re targeted for but rather by how much I enjoy them.

        True, most “younger-orientated” games suck (ie Dora the Explora, Imagine [enter any word from the dictionary here], etc), but there are some really good ones, like Pokemon, Spyro, Sly Cooper, Blue Dragon, etc.

        At the same time, a lot of “adult-orientated” games suck (y’know, Duke Nukem and Aliens: Colonial Marines) and a lot are good (Bioshock Infinite – get it if you haven’t already!!!).

  4. Man, so much pessimism. It’s a fan-made game so let’s just have fun with it.

    It makes one think though. This series is popular enough to have a group of fans make their own game, and yet Nintendo is too stubborn to release the first and third games? Really wierd.

    1. To be fair, initiative has little to do with a fanbase as far as numbers is concerned. A game that has like, five hundred fans or less might easily entice a hardcore group of said fans to create a fan-made follow-up.

  5. That is quite awesome. I would not underestimate what some people can do. Cave Story was made by only one guy after all.

    1. Except Cave Story was a love letter to the game that it was inspired by while at the same time creating it own identity.

      This fan made game however isn’t since the fans are outright calling it Mother 4 meaning it has to live up the expectation of Mother 1-3 in gameplay, music and story. Which I doubt that it will do.

    1. Except Nintendo isn’t involved with this game nor is it being release on any on Nintendo console.

      If you are going to troll, how sad, then at least come up with something better than that.

  6. Why is there that orange banner at the top instead of the Mario & Friends picture? Ugly as fuck, but at least it’s not a screen shot of an almost naked anime girl.

  7. What’s with the “With English Translation” title? We all know it’s being made IN English. That aside, I’ve been watching this project for a while and it looks very promising. The screenshot shown is obsolete, by the way. Go to the website and check out some recent graphics/music. It’s so good! I’m certain it will deserve the title “Mother 4!”

    1. For the game to be worthy of the title Mother 4 it has to be officially recognised by Nintendo, which will never happen and should Nintendo create Mother 4 then that will be the official Mother 4.

  8. :| I know this game wont be bad. After following it for so long, i know. The music even surpasses that of Mother 3, Mother 2 & Mother IMO. It may not be as good as an actual Mother title but i know it won’t be as bad as you guys are making it seem.

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  10. Why would they call it Mother 4? That seems somewhat disrespectful. Not to mention it will never be accepted as a sequel, no matter how good it might be. Should of gave it it’s own title that way it wouldn’t have to live up to the Mother serie’s reputation. Making a game inspired by someone else’s is one thing, but trying to add to someone’s finished work is just disrespectful.

    1. Well, this is being made by diehard fans of the series, so I imagine they have their own expectations, even if others think they can’t do it.

  11. Wow, this news post sucks. First, because the headline doesn’t make sense, and second because that screenshot is old as hell. The project looks a LOT better than that by now.

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