Gardening Mama: Mama And The Forest Friends Announced For Nintendo 3DS


A sequel to gardening simulation game Gardening Mama is coming to Nintendo 3DS. Titled Gardening Mama: Mama and the Forest Friends, the game features a forest in which critters ask Mama for flowers. A rabbit, for instance, may request tulips from Mama. Once Mama delivers the tulips, the rabbit can attract more customers to its store. The animals in the game live in a blooming town, thanks to Mama’s deliveries. Mama’s animal friends reward her with shopping tickets, which can be used to obtain pretty items for her garden. Gardening Mama: Mama and the Forest Friends is scheduled for release this September in Japan.


    1. I love the cooking mama series, they are the best I have all the DS ones and the 3DS one

    1. Bioshock is shit. Go play System Shock. Last of Us will be as shitty as Uncharted. Wait for Dead State.

      1. Bioshock,uncharted and the last of us are not shitty you delusional nintenfag. The are one the best games this generation. what does the wii have again? oh a rehashed mario game and another boring ass zelda. get your head out of your ass.

        1. really, hahahah, people can be so stupid, thinking those games suck and trying to stick up for there shitty wii that only had like 5 really good games.

        2. Well there is some hidden gem like Baroque, Demon Blade, and etc for Wii only or at least at the time it is. At least the Vita fans get to enjoy Demon Blade this summer and I really recommend this game if anyone got a Wii or Vita. (I assuming Vita version going be similar to Wii version.) As for Baroque, you need to be insane hardcore dungeon crawler RPG gamer to enjoy this game. If you are not one of them then you going hate this game really bad.

          My point is there are some hidden gem games in all those shovel ware games for all consoles. You just have to keep on digging.

        3. Bioshock Infinite was pretty good. Deffinitly didnt deserve all the awards it got. Uncharted…or as I call it Unchanged is nothing more then a rip off from the old Tomb Raider games just with a guy instead of Lara Croft. The Last Of Us…while graphically very impressive its another generic violent video game.

        4. I named two games that AREN’T on Nintendo consoles dumb ass. Best games of this generation? Go play anything that isn’t some linear crap shooter. Witcher 2, Dark Souls and hell Hotline Miami. When the fuck did I mention Zelda or Mario?

        5. I can’t speak for uncharted and the last of us, but Bioshock 1 was definitely a great game.
          Bioshock 2 as well.
          Bioshock, 3, however, missed the mark with its crappy ending.

        6. Xenoblade says hello. Super Mario Galaxy wants a word with both games combined lol.

        7. You know in the PS2 era I got the PS2 and nothing else, and I will tell you, it was the worst generation for me as far as buying games goes. I own 5 games for the console, and its not because they weren’t fun games, it was because I had no desire to play them after using them once. I would just rent them and beat them before the rental expired and then never touch them again. That’s because Sony makes games with shitty reputability. I may be a nintendo fanboy now, but back then I didn’t even think about any of this, I just bought what I thought I would get a lot of enjoyment out of. Every other generation I bought like 12-20 games for a console, but the PS2 it was 5 games.

      2. Whoa whoa, chill bro those games are good, I’m a gamer as well as a 3D animator and I enjoy games from Nintendo to Sony games, if you don’t like them that’s fine is your opinion, but have you played any of them?

        1. It is hard to tell who play what now a day. Nobody believe me that I play Bioshock and completed it. And I didn’t like it. I can prove it by showing my trophy list but they just don’t believe. Sometime people did try those games and it is not their type of games.

          As for people saying craps about other games, if you don’t like the games then it does not mean it is crap to other gamers. Some people just don’t like some games including mainstream games. If you don’t like it and that does not mean I don’t like it. If I don’t like it and that does not mean you don’t like it either.

  1. I really don’t know what to say about this. Those cooking mama games were weird to me.

      1. Dang I am weird! Well I only have one cooking mama game which is the original. So I think one is enough for me so far. (Probably enough for me in the lifetime.)

  2. nintendo you wont bring great games to the west like fatal frame and more…. yet you fucking allow shit like this on your system!!!!!!!

  3. Well, if it keeps the casual crowd around, then I guess all the better.
    Everyone starts as a casual, after all, whether they want to admit it or not.
    It’s where they go from there that counts, so the more that these games pull in to be given that chance, the better.[so long as the hobby doesn’t turn into an addiction that will interfere too badly with their real life, that is]

  4. I like how dudes have advanced so much since the Stage Age that they still describe every game aimed at girls as shovelware. I only found one Cookin Mama on ANY system on Metacritic that had lower than 60% positive critic review scores. This lil mama’s franchise ain’t too shabby after all. Take her for a spin some time an shake off the neanderthal in you.

    Though, I wouldn’t mind seeing Mama’s Creed or Metal Gear Mama

  5. Jonan Tyson – Kim,I love love love these! You can certainly tell you have a pasosin for babies. You captured Kalan at his finest. Can’t wait to do this again soon you were so enjoyable!Kalan’s Mimi

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