Wii Fit Trainer Joins Next Super Smash Bros.

So far today, Nintendo announced three new characters that will be added to the next Super Smash Bros. game’s roster. First, Nintendo revealed Mega Man and then an Animal Crossing Villager. According to IGN Executive Rich George, the third Super Smash Bros. confirmed newcomer is a Wii Fit Trainer. The next Super Smash Bros. will be released in 2014 for both Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

Update: Nintendo has also confirmed the new character, via the tweet below:


    1. Your name is like something that like Earth science nerds would use..lmao…

      Sorry to act like you

  1. Good idea, Nintendo. You couldn’t have used that spot for Little Mac or anything like that.

    1. Dude, calm your tits. There is plenty of space on those game discs and cartridges for more characters.

  2. Nooooooooo! Well they’ll make for good (joke) characters, but seriously? This is a spot that could have gone to a better character. Hopefully the moveset will be good at least

    1. And so is the Animal Crossing Villager (from a game series where combat between other characters is impossible).

      Personally, I find this actually quite interesting.

    1. I think it’s a good idea. It’s original, and the series could use more females. Besides, how many new Nintendo characters have popped up since Brawl? Exactly.

    1. How? The character is optional, they aren’t forcing you to play a character that you don’t like

  3. Geez…If they’re going to do that, then they might as well add every character that’s been on a Nintendo platform.

    1. You mean, like R.O.B, & mr. game and watch? Oh wait, they already added them.

      I honestly don’t see what people are getting so in a tizzy about.

    1. … shovelware? Well if Wii Fit is shocelware than it is the best goddamn shovelware ever made. You know how many copies it sild?– yeah neither do I cuz it sold TOO MANY! Nintendo won awards for Wii Fit. It is a good game believe it or not. πŸ’‹

  4. Hopefully they’ll start revealing some characters that people are actually looking forward to soon. Megaman was a good start, but we need more good characters instead of random ones.

  5. This is a joke right? Nintendo can’t be serious. Wii fit trainer? WII FIT TRAINER! Who ever asked for Wii fit trainer! There’s so many better characters to choose from and Sakurai chooses Wii fit trainer? If this isn’t a joke Sakurai just lost my respect. And yes I am mad! You should be too!

    1. if you see gameplay footage of her she fits right in and it looks awesome to have her in the game(as weird as that sounds). relax it’s just on character in a fighting game, no need to start a war

    2. “Who ever asked for wii fit trainer?” probably people in other regions other than the US.

      Its no reason to be mad about though. You don’t HAVE to play as her, and it adds a somewhat comical character to the series. Not to mention, she’s still better than ROB and Mr Game & Watch.

    3. Who says a character has to be “asked for” to be included? Sakurai does what he damn well pleases! I support him all te way!!! Wii Fit Trainer for life! πŸ’‹

    4. “Who ever asked for Wii Fit trainer.”
      I don’t think you know how true that statement is. Sakurai actually said “We get thousands of requests for characters from all around the world, but not one person predicted this.”
      So basically he’s saying “No one asked for her, so we’re gonna put her in instead of someone more worthwhile whom people actually asked for.

    1. Hey portal, Square Enix Japan just announced that they plan to release kh3 on Ps4,XboxOne, Wii U

          1. I’m not even trolling right now. I’m too pissed off about this shitty character being in smash to troll. I just want proof that what you’re saying is true. Now link pls

  6. I’m actually happy she’s in the game. I cant wait to see all the memes that come out of it lol.

    1. Actual Final Smash = shooting rainbow colors of herself in various poses at her opponents. :P

  7. B..Bu…..She doesnt even have fighting moves o_O Villager was already on the limit, but this is a joke….

    1. There’s a video of it, it’s real. Excuse I have to flush all my respect for Sakurai down the toilet

  8. Odd idea for a fighter… but on the bright side i guess it works. I mean she is a trainer, so I guess she may know how to fight…

  9. I think this is funny actually and I have no problem with this, it’s kinda of like when you could play the car from Daytona in virtua fighter, it’s really a joke if anything

        1. Take a lesson from your username and get a grip. It’s an absurd, silly, and unexpected choice, therefore fitting right into Super Smash’s craziness.

  10. wait guys they never said she was playable! what if it was a training instructor In how to play mode or something, that makes way more sense!

        1. Lol nah, It’s Smash Bros fucker, they can put a walking piece of turd on it and i’ll still buy that shit.

  11. there’s a screenshot of her in the game, but she’s in a plan white area stretching with link Kirby and Mario, really looks like a training mode if that screenshot is from the game, it could just be showing off the models though.

    1. okay guys really look up game play footage of this character, she fits right in! get over it, the next smash is going to be awesome and Nintendo is still a great company! How can you guys call yourself Nintendo fans if they put a really cool looking character in the game and all of a sudden you give up on them! what logic is that! cool your jets everyone Nintendo will be fine!

  12. That’s fucking retarded. Sorry but really, come on! To be honest, I think the Villager was a good pick, but this…not so much.

  13. Im done, this is the last console that I buy of Nintendos, They are not the same company they used to be.

      1. knuckles and tails are sega and they haven’t confirmed if sonic will be in this one yet so I wouldn’t hold my breath for them.

      2. They already have Sonic, we don’t need knuckles or tails. -_- Did you forget that Nintendo makes Animal Crossing and Wii Fit games? And I was only aware of Dixie Kong…who is Trixie?

      3. I’d rather have these two characters than any more sonic characters, and what would probably be a rehashed diddy kong character.

  14. Ok, it’s strange I’ll admit that, but that final smash (glad they’re back BTW) looks amazing. Who knows, maybe she’ll be a fan favorite. Plus, they can always take her out within the next year.

  15. Sum up a little here:

    Shitty 3D Mario. I’d take a galaxy 3 anyday.. FUCK ME!
    Mario Kart 8. Looks great, out 2014? FUCK ME!
    Smash looking good, out 2014?! FUCK!!!
    Monolofth X: Great, out 2014?? FUUCK!!
    Donkey Kong: Retro’s Secret? Looks OK, but this is the secret? HELL FUCK!

    No new Zelda U footage, Star Fox, Metriod, FUUUUCk

    To sum it up, fuck!

  16. holy hell this looks llike an awesome character there’s a video going over all the new characters that someone linked to in this comment section and the wii fit trainer fits right into the game! this is awesome!

  17. I honestly never saw this coming 0.0 though it does seem more like an assist trophy.

      1. I was disappointed at first, but she’s looking pretty cool.
        Go watch the developer videos

    1. probably just to surprise everyone, although the footage of her fighting looks really good, i’m actually excited to play as her!

  18. Im sure the only reason they chose her is because they came short female characters, so expect a female pokΓ©mon trainer, Palutena, Daisy, Bayonetta and more female characters. I will be happy with those i just named though, but Wii U Fit Trainer is kind of an odd choice.

  19. I smell a big destruction.Shitendo is doomed.they will close and the game industry will continue normally

    1. Nintendo isn’t closing because a couple of oversensitive fanboys don’t like a character in a videogame (Tingle’s still around isn’t he?). It’s pretty pathetic for so-called fans to get all ragey about silly characters in what is very much an extremely silly series.

  20. I was gonna say that if she was a playable character how come she wasn’t listed on the official Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS website, but now she is…

  21. Worst choice ever for a smash character .. oh well maybe they made it to motivate your mom to buy you the game hahaha

  22. How embarassing. Sad day to be a Nintendo fan. Retro game not Metroid, wii fit girl in smash, disappointing mario 3d, fans waiting til 2014, little 3rd party support… Damn. I was going to give Nintendo benefit of the doubt. While PS4 raped XBox One, we were raped by Nintendo themselves. =(

    1. The only embarrassing Nintendo fan would be one taking joke characters in a game too seriously.

      1. Read the comments of Nintendo fans regarding their E3 so far. Read Miiverse. Take your blindfold off. Geez!

  23. Sad to see all the healthy misogyny by what appears to be a bunch of prepubescent children.

    You people are clowns.

  24. ok if they r putting characters like that in they obvisoly r adding A LOT of characters in

  25. Instead of complaining I’ll say: I wonder what Kirby will look like when he swallows her and steals her power!? πŸ˜±πŸ’‹ P.S I support this decision. Wii Fit Trainer is an awesome addition! πŸ’‹

  26. Customizable (as in attacks based on collected stickers) miis would’ve been better.

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