For The Past Three Months, Just 3% Of Ubisoft’s Total Sales Came From Wii U Games


Ubisoft has announced that for the past three months, a mere 3% of its sales came from Wii U games. Although several Ubisoft titles were developed for the console, it should be noted that the last game from the publisher to hit Wii U was Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth, which was released last year – on December 4th. Another Ubisoft game, Rayman Legends, was originally set for launch in February, but its release date has since been pushed to September.


    1. Can you really blame them? I know Ubisoft went back on their word, but it makes so much or sense in their position.

      1. How can you defend delaying ready game?
        I can understand going multiplat, but not the delay.

          1. and also it makes little sense that instead of releasing Rayman Legends in a relatively dry period in new releases, the decided to go against Grand Theft Auto V and Pokemon X and Y

      2. No, it doesn’t. Pulling back a game that many people were waiting for makes no sense. It not only negatively impacted their own game reputation, but its really lynch pin or turning point to when things started going wrong with Wii U. If it had came out they would have a steady stream of sales (I wouldn’t have bought it but not now, and before people talk, just remember a piss off customer is forever). But the Wii U wouldn’t have this dead spot, there wouldn’t be this idea that the third parties are turning a blind eye to the Wii U, and look like nothing is coming out from the system. It would have hummed along slowly as something families, bought until the bigger games came out.

      3. No, it doesn’t. People keep thinking that Ubisoft gave us a lot of games. Truth be told, many from Ubisoft were available on other systems. In addition, the lone exclusive, Zombi U, was okay at best. It didn’t look like they spent a lot to make it. Anyway, Rayman Legends which appears to have a significant budget behind it would’ve sold alot more during the Wii U drought especially with NO competition in sight. Now, with it releasing next to W101 and Grand Theft Auto V, many people (like myself) will buy it from the bargain bin, if at all.

          1. yeah… FWIW, ZombiU is the best game available for WiiU in my opinion…. very fun and best use of the gamepad by far. okay at best is a ridiculous label for ZombiU and horribly inaccurate. I am assuming you’ve never played it for more than a half hour (like the IGN reviewers,LOL)?

      4. Yeah, we can. See, that game was set to be one of the games that renewed sales and interest in the console.
        Instead, the delay turned into another negative point against the system.

        1. I know it’s not good for the Wii U, but the people at Ubisoft made the decision based on what would be most beneficial to THEM, not the Wii U. I understand everyone feeling betrayed for delaying it on the Wii U, which shouldn’t have happened, but the multiplatform part of the things is totally understandable. Why would they want a game they put so much effort in to only be available to a very small portion of the market? Also, thanks for the replies guys. The comments have been a lot more interesting as of late.

      5. Yes I can blame them, they think it will sell much more the month of release ignoring the great games comming that month.
        All I have to say to them is: don’t come crying when rayman on wii u will sell more. I don’t whant to hear any bullshit from them when sales of rayman are greater on wii u

        1. LOL Rayman Origins sold better in PS3/360 THAN Wii

          what does make you think any 3rd party game is going to sell better in the Nintendo version?

      6. Yes you can…Y ddnt they release this when zombie U was released. In the past few months Ubisoft hasnt got nothing on the wii u.They should so start making games that can be played for a year and not 6-12hrs They should say this again when rayman legends comes out. no matter how supportive they’ve been they still look for ways to make negative comments about Nintendo.

        I already zombie u and AC3 so can you tell me what other good games ubisoft has on wii u out now?

    2. Not only that but the fact that all of their games were multi-platform means that no one needed to play it on wii u. If you could play a game on a system you already have why buy a new one?

    3. Oh my the Mynintendo Flamebait lol. No shit? A BRAND NEW Console sales vs an established 2 consoles that are over 7 years old… derp… who would of thought?

      1. RL will be overshadowed by the colossus that is Grand Theft Auto 5. The original release date for RL would have been the perfect time to release it since the Wii U had a drought of games. Also, I don’t mind it coming to other consoles. It’s shitty that they delay it for no fucking reason.

      1. Really, we should be expecting about 5% from the Wii U at it’s current sales.

        Then again, Ubisoft have made literally no noteworthy games for the Wii U recently.

      2. there is NO WAY “normal” would be 25% to 30% for a system that had been available for sale less than 6% as of the date of this metric….. that is the thing that most ignore when discussing this…. on what planet would it not be normal that more of their sales are derived from the platforms that have 20X (at least) the number of consoles out there? the other systems have been around for 7+ years versus less than 6 months? and you feel the percentage of sales (on FAR fewer available titles) woudl be whta is expected? thats just silly.

  1. The games they have put out are half assed and they suck.
    What do they expect? Watch dogs will sell I can gaurentee that.

    1. Also Rayman. I can’t WAIT for that game to come out, first Wii U game i’m buying since the damn thing launched.

            1. I will, later this year when Rayman, Batman, and Watch Dogs come out. Those are the third party games i’m interested in.

          1. I can tell that you arn’t much of a gamer but you really should try Pikmin and 101, they are going to be great.

            1. Actually I do game a lot. It just so happens that nothing on the Wii U interested me since launch.

              1. Oh. I assumed you didn’t game very often, sorry. You are really not interested in Pikmin and 101 though? IMO, They look like GOTY contentenders.

    2. It’s because they were launch titles. Most Wii U early adopters likely got these games already.

  2. What could have caused that? Could have been their half-assed ports? Doesn’t everyone love those? Don’t they sell consoles? I don’t see what they did wrong.

  3. “the last game from the publisher to hit Wii U was Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth, which was released last year – on December 4th”


  4. The only game on Wii U from Ubisoft so far is Rayman Legends. Why don’t Ubisoft check to see how many times the Legends App was downloaded on Wii U and they’ll know it’ll sell. I think that will be the first major third party tittle that will really sell Wii Us as well

  5. Most Wii U owners aren’t in the market for Ubisoft’s generic games. Make something that caters to Nintendo fans (i.e. something creative and fun) and maybe you’ll find some success with that market. Otherwise, nobody is going to miss your presence on the Wii U. Good day.

    1. Jesse suspects that you killed Mike. You lie about it. Your cancer returns. You realize the Walt Whitman book is missing. You go paranoid. You find out that you had a GPS Tracker hidden in your car. You go and try to talk to Hank. Hank punches you.

      Aug 11th, and we’ll see if this is true.

    1. It really is awesome of them. Ubisoft could so easily say “not worth it.” But they don’t. They’ll be glad when Wii U sales pick up.

  6. Ok the Wii U has sold somewhere between 3.5-4 million consoles. Everyone that bought there Wii Us at launch bought the only good game they released so far for Wii u and that is Zombiu. Is Just Dance 4, Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth, or Assassins Creed 3 games that have been out for awhile on other consoles something that should be selling well? You can get most of these games cheaper and made better on other consoles.

  7. I wonder why! Maybe because all of the games you’ve released either SUCK or have been out on other systems for quite a long time before you released it on the Wii U. Not to mention you delayed Legends, A FINISHED GAME, and pissed off your entire fanbase.

  8. I hope they show off some Watch_Dogs Gameplay on the Wii U version, because my boyfriend is getting that game for my birthday and I’d really like to see some gameplay before he gets me it :3

    1. Yeah, I hope they do show some gameplay of the Wii U version after the Mini Nintendo Direct because they mentioned how Watch_Dogs for Wii U has some “Unique Features” which sounds interesting but I’d rather see some hard concrete gameplay.

  9. Well then maybe Ubisoft should try harder because it seems like they don’t give a shit if their games suck anymore. Watch_Dogs is going to be a good game, yes but please show us some gameplay on other platforms, including some gameplay of the Wii U version. I can’t wait to get Blacklist on my Wii U but I’d like to see more of the Wii U version of Watch_Dogs or hell Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flags

  10. Which games did they sell on the WiiU? Only AC3 comes to mind.
    Als keep in mind the Xbox360 and ps3 have about 20 times the install base and more ubisoft games.

  11. After what Ubisofts done to Rayman Legends fans, screw them. It’s their fault the Wii U isn’t doing well.

    And anyone who defends them for their actions (including this guy in the video link below) needs to get their heads straight.

  12. Not a surprise at all, the Wii U only has an install base of roughly 4 million people around the world, so nobody should’ve expected an oposite result. The Wii U is in a very rough spot right now, at this point I see no chance of it coming close to being a first placer like the Wii was sales-wise, considering how much the PS4 is promising. However, I do think the Wii U is going to have a place in the console race once the install base kicks up. All Nintendo really needs to do is release their must have Wii U games as quickly as possible, and advertise them like there’s no tomorrow, and that will draw the install base in like a beauty, at which point Ubisoft and friends will see no point in not making games for the system. Call me crazy, but I think the Wii U will sell at least 50 million in its lifetime, which is by no means bad, though it won’t compare to how much the PS4 will likely sell. Not to make any Nintendo fanboys mad, but PS4 looks to come close to the success of the PS1, possibly even close to PS2. Wii U will be more than fine, but there’s no way it will catch up to that kind of success. Just my opinion though.

    1. When people count Nintendo out, they lose… simple as that. Nintendo is like the Turtle, wins the race slowly. The only freak of Nature was WII. We’ll see now as Pikmin has already started moving triple the consoles of the week before, imagine when the rest of the Flood come in… Not to mention Nintendo’s secrets that always come out of left field… In Gaming, Never Count The GodFathers Out…

    1. Better for the system to get those games, and sell little, than not get them at all. The Wii U really needs those games.

  13. i have cancelled Splinter Cell because of what i have seen it doesn’t look that good, i did have Rayman on order but when it was delayed i cancelled, i won’t be buying Rayman now! that means that those are two more games i won’t be buying for my WiiU, maybe in the box the WiiU comes with it should of had a duster inside as well.

    1. That doesn’t make any sense. A console is going to collect dust whether you use it or not… oh, you were trying to be funny.

  14. I think the key words here are “in the past three months”. This can be misleading without that info. How many Wii U games did Ubisoft publish this year? Zero.

  15. Well, not shit, sherlock! Maybe if you have released Rayman Legends on schedule you wouldn’t have this percentage of the Wii U. Unfortunately for Ubisoft, I won’t buy Rayman Legends due that I have to buy W101, Pikmin 3, and GTA V plus M&L: dream team and Still have to buy Animal Crossing: New Leaf.












    1. Im impressed how one core can output 1080p 60fps on both the tv and GamePad. The GPU is not even struggling.

  17. Does anyone else feel that Rayman Legends won’t sell as much as it would have originally and that Ubisoft will blame the Wii U for not reaching their expected sales?
    I feel that it will happen because the game will be released on a tough period of awesome games…

    1. Rayman could have sold some Wii U’s as well. but now people that would have bought a Wii U for Rayman can just play it on their other platforms. Bad for Nintendo, good for Ubisoft.

      1. Not really bad for Nintendo unless you want to play a 2D Rayman Legends on a traditional controller. The Wii U version has exclusive gameplay. I expect the Wii U version to be the best seller.

    2. Rayman is one of those casual looking games that parents/grandparents will pick up for thier kids without really knowing what the game is in the first place. It could do well if its priced right, maybe $39.99us.

    1. Fuck Ubisoft, they ruined thier rep by being cowards. Delaying Rayman then canceling ZombiU 2, Then they come out and say “we’ll see” to Nintendo, and now they are whining about sales of old half assed ports. EA may soon be dethroned as worst active gaming company, fucking Ubisoft you phony pieces of shit, I hope you go under.

  18. Yes you can…Y ddnt they release this when zombie U was released. In the past few months Ubisoft hasnt got nothing on the wii u.They should so start making games that can be played for a year and not 6-12hrs They should say this again when rayman legends comes out. no matter how supportive they’ve been they still look for ways to make negative comments about Nintendo.

    I already zombie u and AC3 also the rayman legend app so can you tell me what other good games ubisoft has on wii u out now?

    This article is on this site

  19. Well… maybe if they didn’t decide to stupidly delay Rayman Legends… those sales would have been much, MUCH larger. Instead… the Ubisoft games that are on the Wii U are kind of terrible (except for ZombiU which is decent…).

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